Retrogration of Mars in Leo and its possible impacts on India and the world……

In Mundane Astrology Eclipse plays very significant role in shaping up the events whether they are related with meteorology, politics or natural calamities like earthquakes, fire, terrorist activities etc. We had presented the study of the effects of 6 eclipses occurred last year. The Lunar Eclipse of 10  December 2012 was particular significant for India as it had not only changed the weather significantly, the temperature  dropped by 5 degrees in just 48 hours of the eclipse in Northern states of India, but also brought about interesting developments in political scenario.

Just two days after that Eclipse, on 12 December 2011, I posted an article “Will this Lunar Eclipse bring a dramatic end to this Jan Lok Pal movement?” on this blog. The prediction of the end of Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement came out correct when Team Anna badly failed to generate enough public support in the “Mumbai fast” of the last week of December.The UPA government also played smart tricks to change the momentum, which was earlier in favour of mass movement demanding an ombudsman’s bill, and get away with the pressure build on them. Read that article of mine before moving further

At the time of that 10-December-2011 Lunar Eclipse the Rahu/Ketu were at 20 degrees 16 minutes. In Mundane Astrology Mars is known as a planet which when influences the eclipse point in transit, by reaching  there or aspecting it, ignites the ammunition dump.

Planet MARS has Retrograded on the 24th Jan.2012. It is in Mrityu Bhag from 18th Jan. 2012 . to 31st Jan. 2012. Any planet in Mrityu bhag affects the house significations where it is placed, the houses it Lords over. The natural significations are influenced, it also passes the influence to the Lord of the house it is placed. Since Jupiter is aspecting Mars in transit , it will lessen the ill effect to a great extent.The dasha Maha Dasha/Anter Dasha  period of planets in Mrityu Bhag  are serious. Anter Dasha  of the planet associated with a planet in MB. These malefic periods become more serious when malefics transit over these planets. Alone planets in MB in transit do not give malefic influences to a native .In mundane astrology it has great importance. According to Foundation chart of India Mars will be transitting in the 4th house  aspecting the 7th, 10th and the 11th house all very sensative houses as far as the mundane astrology is concerned. India will be running the dasha of Sun- Jup, hence there will be some protection to Mars till Jupiter aspects Mars till 17th May 2012 . Mars will be at eclipse point at 20.16 degrees on the 2nd March 2012 and is bound to trigger the events as explained above. It will also be in exact opposition with its dispositor Sun on the 4th March 2012. This period can be crucial in terms of the political turmoils, natural calamities such as earthquakes, terrorist activities  etc.

Regarding Retrogression—Mars retrogrades once in two years. Retrograde Mars in natal chart can bring out power issues, how to deal with conflict and aggression and anger. As Mars has male energy, its retrogression can create problems with how you deal with maleness within. It is often seen in charts of females who have problems with their sexuality- they can be overtly aggressive or completely suppress their masculine side whereby creating imbalance in personality. Men have to watch they do not become too aggressive and angry. As Mars is about power, its retrogression give a lot of power yet the individual does not understand their own power and how to use it properly. This can lead to its misuse. Mars rules Agni (fire) element so its retrogression can create too much fire or complete exhaustion. They have to watch their metabolism. It can get seeded up or be totally dull. The chakra is Manipura, which deal with balance, vision and energy. Retrograde Mars will block the way this chakra works and create problems on a subtle level. Mars deals with logic and here the logic can get skewered or twisted. It can also make a person whose logic is unconventional but at the same time very powerful and they can reach places where others cannot as they have the ability to see things from backward to forward.When planets retrograde over the gandanta points,it will bring instability in the world. We need to watch this time for an unstable property market, political upheaval and major changes in the world order. If natal planets are placed in those degrees, there can be added pressures on them. . The stationary points of Mars. This can lead to war or aggressive tendencies. Mars retrograde can increase stubbornness and can herald a time for war. The Kosovo War March 1999 began with the station and retrogression of Mars and ended when Mars went forward.
The impact on dasha, antar and prayantara dasha rulers. Past issues can become dominant. There can be a change in the direction of life..  Mars will  Retrograde from 24th Jan. 2012 to 14th April. Mars is well known for its havoc when in retrogression and in sensitive houses .
When your Lagna ruler retrogrades, it will have a major impact on your inner self. There could be earthquakes, fires, terrorist attacks, political turmoils in India, America and other countries who have this transit in Lagna, 4th house and 8th house and  and aspects 9th, 10th.andthe 7th house.

In the New Moon horoscope of this forth night Mars is also placed in the fourth house and affliction on the eighth house is also not a welcome factory.

In the foundation chart of India it is Sun/Jupiter/Ketu till 12 February 2012. Afterwards the Pratyanter dasha of Venus will start. Ketu placed in the seventh house, which is of war in mundane astrology, is not good as well as Venus sub-sub period, which is lagna and sixth lord, is also not welcome in the sub period of eighth lord Jupiter.

Now apply the transit over it you will find that eighth house of mass death is being activated by Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries as both are aspecting it. Mars in transit will reach close to the Eclipse point of 20 degrees and 16 minutes in the first week of March 2012. So we do expect some very interesting political developments after the results of  five legislative assemblies elections will be declared on 06 March 2012.

Interestingly there will be conjunction of Jupiter and Venus also in transit during March 2012. This conjunction in Mundane Astrology is know for violent activities so this month of March will be vary critical for countries like India, Pakistan, U.S.A, Nepal, China and Syria. Some violent activities may shock every one in these countries specially during the month of March 2012.

Anil Aggarwala


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