Amitab Bahchan- An astro-portrait of star of the millennium

Amitabh Bachchan born  on 11th Oct 1942 16-01 hrs Allahabad    

Amitabh Bachchan born Amitabh Harivansh Bachchan on 11 October 1942) is an Indian film actor. His father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, was a famous Hindi Poet, and his mother, Teji Bachchan, was a Sikh from Faisalabad (now in Pakistan).Though his surname was Shrivastava, but his father had adopted the pen name Bachchan (meaning child like in colloquial Hindi), under which he published all his work. His first name Amitabh, meaning “the light that would never go off”, was suggested by fellow poet of his father Shri Sumitranandan Panth.
Amitabh is the eldest of Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s two son, the youngest being Ajitabh. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. At the age of 27 he gave up his job as freight broker, in a shipping firm, Bird & Co. based in Kolkatta (than Calcutta), to pursue a career in film industry.










































Features in the Horoscope

1. Day is Sunday Birth is during the day
Sun acquires special dimension. Sun in 8th house and in Mrityu Bhag .
Born in Sukla Paksha Jupiter, Venus also acquire a special dimension and become strong.
2. Nakshatra Swati Habbit of giving charities, donation, prosperous, tall stature, broad eyes, kind and open hearted. Enjoying all kind of prosperity and happiness, devotion to God and the learned. loved by all. Intelligent . Independent and attached to relatives. Small stomatch.
3. Ti thi SP 2 Dwitya Defeats enemies Possesses wealth, courteous, Respect and Wealth. Authority and all round happiness.

4. Yogi Point Cancer 8.02 degrees Yogi Graha Saturn . Avyogi Graha Moon (Both Saturn and Moon will behave Exhalted. since there is exchange of Exh. signs)
5. Yoga Vishkhamba He will win over others and overcome all problems. He will be blessed with cattle and wealth, todays scenario vehicles.
6. Indu Lagna Taurus . This is in 4/10 axis with Lagna , giving permanancy . 11th house from Indu lagna is Pieces which is 2nd house of the chart and aspected by Jupiter its lord and other Rajyoga making planets from the 8th house. This house becomes extremely potent .
7. Shree Lagna Taurus 10.48 degrees . Shrees Lagna Lord Venus is 6th from Janam Tara Shadhak , also in Pushkar navamsha , Venus is also Yogkarka for the chart , hence giving multiple layers of strength and extremely Positive influence. Venus is also in Neecha bhag rajyoga
8.The strongest point in the Horoscope is Shree Lagna is Taurus and the Lagna Lord and Yogi planet Saturn is placed there , this is also Pak lagna. This is also the 4th house of the chart, hence native will be bestowed will all kind of happiness , Property , and Vehicles. Taurus sign is 4 legged hence abundance of movable assets and Vehicles and Permanency in life.
9. Moon and Saturn both are Exhalted since there is exchange of Exhalted signs. Saturn is also at Exhaltation degrees . Saturn is Lagna Lord and also Yogi planet so acquires a special dimension. Moon is Avyogi planet and is placed in the exchange with Lagna Lord in exh. signs also acquires a special dimension Dispositor of Moon is Venus in Neecha bhag Rajyoga and also in Pushkar Navamsha. Moon though Avyogi planet and its dispositor Deb. and in Pushkar navamsha will give Vipreet Rajyoga.

10. Jupiter Exhalted and is also Vargottama and also in Pushkar navamsha.
11. Mercury Exhalted and in own house hence strong. Forming Budh Aditya yoga and other yogas of Karmadhipati and Dharmadhi pati with Venus from Moon.Mercury gets combusted astonomically and not astrologically.
12. Sun in Mrityu Bhag . Obstructions are created in the benefic results of the house . Obstructions of the natural significations of the planet. Parts of the body may disfigured of diseased. Sun – Will power, bones, heart disease and father these significations could be problem giving or weak.
13. Jupiter is in Rashi Sandhi. Dasha of Jupiter could give health problems. But Jupiter being Exh. Vargottam and in Pushkar navamsha will improve very much , even if there is a problem will take care of it. Cancer sign has 42 bindoos in ashtakvarga, making Jupiter extremely strong.
14. The 9th and 10th Lord Venus and Mars are forming a Darmadhipati and Karmadhipati yoga in the 8th house from Lagna and 12th house from Moon and in the Sun sign and 5th house from Pak Lagna. From Moon also there is Karmadhipati and Dharmadhipati yoga in the 12th house from Moon,Making the 8th house as most potent along with Sun sign
15. Gajkesri yoga by Jupiter and Moon both very strong.
16. Raj Sambandha Yoga 10th lord Mars from Lagna is conjunct with Amatya karka Mercury. The person can become chief in Kings courts . In mordern context ,high esteemed positions.
17. Budhya Aditya yoga .
18. AshtakVarga In the 6th house of the chart the native has 42 bindoos and there are only 31 bindoos in the Lagna, this is not good at all ,this shows native will have problems pertaining to Rog, Rin and Repu, the capacity comes from getting ease is 12th house , 12th house has only 23 bindoos . It is strictly advised for such persons not to take loans and also to take good care of health. The good thing is that 8th house has less bindoos, otherwise he could have chronic problems in life. The bindoos in the 8th house less than 6th house shows that though he may achieve success in life there will be moments when he will have extreme conditions of the 6th house like Rog, Rin Ripu which will be over comed by the native with time . Jupiter placed here gives full strength to come out of troubles.

19. Jaimini Rajyogas AK, Amk,PK, 5th lord forming Rajyoga in D1 in 2nd from KL, 8th from Lagna. From KL Saturn/Mercury aspecting KL or the 10th from KL gives fame , here Saturn is placed in the 10th house from KL , a strong yoga for fame. From Moon 10th house has Strong DK, therefore will give name and fame.
20. Third house from Lagna has the aspect of Moon, third Lord is Mars and is placed with Venus in neechabhag rajyoga, from KL 3rd house has Moon in the Rashi of Venus. Making him a super star. For a super star a combination of 3,5,7,8,10 and 11th house together with Karka Venus gives career in Television, Media, Bollywood.
In the natives chart 10th house is connected to Jupiter 2nd and 11th Lord which is most essential, Lagna and 12th lord Saturn. 3rdand 10th Lord Mars is connected to 7th Lord Sun 5th and 8th lord Mercury and in addition Venus the Karka for the Career related to the Industry he is connected.
21. Dasha Sequence of the native Rahu 13 years, Jupiter 16 yrs, Saturn 19 years, Mercury 17 years and then Ketu which is the 5th dasha running at present. Rahu is very strong since its dispositor is in mrityu bhag , Jupiter is vargottam , Exh. and in Pushkar navamsha,Saturn is Lagna Lord, Yogi planet, placed in the shree Lagna , Mercury Exh. and AMK forming Raj yogas, Ketu in Lagna and its dispositor Saturn, but at the same time it is afflicting the Lagna as well.
22. Dasha at birth Rahu-Jupiter. MD at birth is Rahu and its dispositor is Sun and in Mrityu bhag , hence Rahu is very strong to give results of the royal planet. Jupiter is in 2/12 axis and forming a Rajyoga. Jupiter is Exh. Vargottama and in Pushkar navamsha , Jupiter is 2nd and 11th Lords . Dasha of Strong planets at birth work as the seeds of Life. The exalted Jupiter with Rahu ahead of it also signifies gains and honor.
23. The Moon and Lagna are in 5/9 axis, showing the unison of body and mind.
24. 7th house is the public appearances and acclaims. Rahu is in Subkartari yoga . The dispositor of Rahu is in Mrityu bhag. Rahu becomes extremely strong.Will behave as the royal planet. Rahu is also Karka for marriage, its dispositor being weak will give problems regarding marriage. Also 5th lord in 8th house with along with 7th Lord gives secret relations. Mars and Venus in the 8th house is a volatile combination. It has been observed that when ever this combination takes place in the horoscope , makes the sex life unsatisfactory.. Mars represents the urge and Venus the lust in a male . The phychology of sex becomes abnormal and married life is seldom satisfactory. Amitab Bachan had an affair is known toall. Uppada is also in the 8th house .
25. 10th house from Moon is having Vargottam DK Jupiter, 10th house from KL is having Saturn, giving extreme fame and name. The strength of Saturn and Jupiter has been explained above.
26. Financial prosperity The houses 1,2,4,9, 10 and 11 have total 174 bindoos as against 164 known as vittaya for financial prosperity.
The 12 houses divided in 4 khandas Bandhu has 80 , Sevaka has 98, Poshaka has 83 and Ghatak has 76 bindoos. . Sevaka has more than Bandhu the person will be subservient to others. Poshak is more than Ghatak, the person will be rich.                                                                                                                                                                                                        27. Mid Cusp lord  of 4th House the sukhadhipati is Moon, Midcusp Lord of 10th house is Mercury ,both are Exhalted Moon has Exh. Lord exchange with Saturn.Mid cusp Lord of Lagna is Rahu. Rahu placed in the 7th house and its dispositor Sun in mrityu bhag, Rahu becomes extremely strong and bieng in the Royal sign of Leo, will bestow on the native Extremely good results placed in the 7th house of Pad prapti.Mis cusp Lord of the 7th house is Venus and we have already expalined the strength of Venus .Lagnadhipati,Sukhadhipati,Kalatradhipati and Karmadhipati are extremely strong in the chart, making it exceptional.
28. The Lagna rising in the navamsha is Libra the 9th house of D1 matches his personality , planets are becoming strong . Yog karka Venus gone in the 4th house of D1 in Shree Lagna making it extremly potent house , Sun and Mercury in the 7th house, Saturn in the 5th house, Jupiter vargottam with 10th Lord Mars as per Rashi Tula navamsha.  Mars has improved the house and gone in the 6th house .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            29. Taurus sign is the bull and is the mount of Lord Shiva. In D11 Rudramsha Taurus falls in the 2nd house, extremely beneficail. Jupiter the Significator of Dhan is placed in Lagna.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     30. In chalit kundali 4 planets moving in forward houses.

There are other yogas also but the main yogas contributing beneficiance are as above.
Let us see the chart, in fact the above Parameters are more than sufficient  and extraordinary to indicate the status of the legend of the time.
The Lagna is Aquarius the 11th house of the zodiac and the strongest bhava of the kaama trikone, indicationg all good things coming in life more so since aspected by own Lord Saturn , who is a yogi planet and placed in Taurus sign which is Shree lagna, Indu Lagna and the 4th house of the chart. Saturn also has exchange with Moon the exhaltation lord and thereby giving Saturn multiple layers of strength. Lagna is having Ketu a smoky planet at 10.25 degrees and Asc. is 2.15 degrees and hence since retrograding towards the Asc degrees will influence about 70% , but lagna is aspected by own Lord Saturn will give full protection and Lagna is strong. This will have the capability to come out of problems, although Ketu placed there would certainly give rise to problems pertaining to the body in its MD/AD/PD and specially of the stomatch being placed in the 5th from Moon and 11th sign of the zodiac. Rahu comes in the Leo sign the stomatch. Saturn is giving its strongest aspect the 10th aspect to protect it.Ketu will also give the results as per its dispositor, the Disposotor is strong hence will give strong results, but Saturn as Lagna Lord in retrogression not good though for Profession very good, hence Lagna will get mixed results and bad for health issues. 4th, 10th house are very strong.7th house has rahu in subkartari yoga.Kendras are strong. .
Konas Mercury lord of 5th house and Venus Lord of 9th house . There is Rajyoga combinations in the 8th from lagna , 12th fom Moon and in 5th from Pak lagna and over the Sun sign. 2nd and 11 th houses are strong as mentioned above, Jupiter being the lord of the houses and its strength . Career/Profession
10th house from Lagna , Moon, Saturn and Sun all very strong . The combinations for becoming a bollywood actor are the 3,5,7,8,10 and 11 house connection with Karka Venus involvement.The native has these combinations in the 8th house and Rajyogas are being formed there. All the parameters pertaining to his profession extremely strong, Midcusp Lord of 10th house, 10th pad, Vivashaya Saham, Saturn karka for profession.
10th house from Lagna is aspected by Jupiter vargottam in pushkar navamsha lord of 2 and 11th. And Yogi Planet and Lagna Lord Saturn extremely strong aspecting it . . Hence the physical conditions are very strong.Jupiter and Saturn are the Dharmadhipati and Karmadhipati of the natural zodiac.

Varahamir says Dispositor of 10th Lord of D1 who is Mercury will show the stream/inclination for profession in D9. In D9 it is with 7th Lord Sun in 11th house in the sign of Leo .Lord is Sun. Likewise in D10 it is Sagitarius. These 2 signs show the progress , prosperity,happiness, achievement. Both the signs and Lords are strong and Royal signs of the natural zodiac.
D10 Dashmansha
10th Lord of D1 Mars , who is also the 10th Lord of D10, placed in the 11th house of D10 with Mercury the MCL of the 10th house ,extremely good position. Lagna Lord of D10 in the 6th house of competitions and struggles.
D11 Rudramsha.
The Lagna is Aries who is the 3rd house of D1 and Taurus sign has gone in the 2nd house making it extremely strong . Jupiter the 2nd and 11th Lord placed in Lagna the Karka for Dhan and Prosperity. Adding layers to the strength of the Rudramsha. The 11th house is Aquarius which is the Lagna of D1 Strong positive.

We can also work out the D6 of D1o , but there is no need since the native is doing extremely well in his career at the moment.

Miracles of his 8th house specially when connected to the Exh. 5th lord Poorva Punya balam .His 10th lord is placed in the same 8th house in the hasta nakshatra. Sun is the deity of this hasta nakshatra and it is believed that in nobler circumstances this nakshatra can produce magicians and as far as his profession is concerned Amitabh is no less than a magician. In his dasamsha chart Jupiter placed in his 2ndth house in Pisces in it’s own sign giving him immense popularity and respect. In D1 10th lord Mars association with Yogakaraka Venus gave him a successful film .
Horoscope is extremely strong for career and has multiple layers for career .
Amitab Bachan son of a Poet of World Fame

9th house,the significator of father is having Moon and has exchange with Saturn for Exh. Lords hence Moon gets the status of an exhalted planet. The dispositor of Moon is Venus forming Raj yogas as explained above It is also in Pushkar navamsha. 10th lord Mars is placed in 8th house with Venus in the same nakshatra. Exalted Mercury and Royal planet Sun are also joining it giving him a famous poet father with strong beliefs and ideology. Moreover in the dwadasamsha chart D12 of Amitabh has exalted Venus the Lord of 9th house of D1 the placement of Sun is also in good house .Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan needs no introduction in literary circles. Venus is also the 4th lord of D1 and also of D12 showing high morals of the parents.

Powerful 2nd, 4th and 5th houses provided Amitabh good education.2nd house has been aspected by it’s lord Jupiter,the karaka for education,4th house has lagna lord Saturn who is placed in his friends sign and 5th lord Mercury is exalted. Moreover 2ndhouse has been aspected by Sun,Mars,Venus and Mercury also. Everybody close to Amitabh knows he was good in studies and acquired B.Sc degrees from Kirori Mal Colledge of Delhi University.
The Midcusp Lord of the 4th house is Moon and gets the status of an Exh. planet . 4th house from Lagna , Moon and Mercury are all very strong.

RAHU Maha dasha for 13 years till 2-11-1955
Rahu is placed in the 11th house from the midcusp lord Moon of 4th house ,and its dispositor is with Mercury. Rahu is forming a Raj yoga with Jupiter.Hence good education.
JUPITER MahaDasha for 16 years till 2-11-1971
Jupiter Exh. vargottam and in Pushkar navamsha and is placed in the 10th house from Moon and forming Gajkesri yoga of the highest order..As Jupiter is exalted and aspecting the 2nd house of education and 2nd from Moon, Amitabh acquired good education in this phase.He went to SherwoodCollege in Nainital and later joined Delhi’s Kirorimal College for earning his Double M.A. Degree in arts. This was the best time for his father too.

Saturn mahadasha from 2-11-1971 to 2-11-1990 Saturn is very strong in the chart being Lagna Lord and yoga karka from Moon. Saturn also acquires the status of Exhaltation and is placed in the ShreeLagna
Wife from Creative and Good background
Mid cusp lord of 7th house is Venus in Raj yogas and in Pushkar navamsha, needless to explain since in the above explained in detail.

7th from Lagna /Moon / Venus all strong.
DK is Jupiter and Vargottam 7th house has Rahu placed in it. Jayabhaduri came from different community. His 7thlord is Sun, placed in 8th house in D1 but in navamsha Sun is placed in 7thhouse in Leo in it’s mooltrikona sign and in the 7th house as per Rashi Tula navamsha. His wife is as famous and popular as himself when she was at peak in her career.
Marriage during Saturn Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha: – Amitabh Bachchan got married in 1973 with Jaya Bhaduri during Saturn-Saturn dasha. Saturn is the Lagna Lord and as explained above very strong. Presence of Rahu in the seventh house in the sign of Leo resulted in delay in marriage.

The Real story begins from here. Saturn is also in the nakshatra of Moon, Rohini. The nakshatra dispositor Moon’s placement in the 9th house helped him a lot. His success story in bollywood tells it all. His super stardom, his long innings in the film industry all falls within the grace of Saturn. During the first half of Saturn dasha his most of the films were mega hits. Zanzeer (1973) came when he was running Saturn-Saturn and and he never looked back after that.
Saturn also owns the 12th lordship .The Second part of Saturn had not been passing without adversities Retrogression of Saturn as Lagna Lord is an affliction and not good for health and body.
1. Event On 26 July 1982 Intestinal injury during filming Coolie
Dasha was Saturn-Sun-Ketu There was a fatal intestinal injury & splenic rupture which resulted in loss of significant amount of blood. He was admitted to hospital and surgery was done by the doctors. Amitabh Bachchan remained critically ill in hospital for several months, at times close to death. Sun and Saturn are both considered as enemies in Astrology and Sun is the lord of seventh house in his birth chart in Mrityu Bhag and is present in eighth house in his birth chart. Due to this Sun Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha wasn’t auspicious. Although Stomach problems are of many types and for every stomach problem the combinations may differ but generically the stomach problems are seen from:
5th house from Moon afflicted by Ketu. Saturn 5th lord from Moon Retrograde.Saturn is also Lagna Lord .Lord of 5th house Mercury with Mars and Sun the 7th Lord marka in mrityu bhag

Leo Sign has Rahu Leo is the 5th sign of the natural Zodiac
Third Pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra is Capricorn sign and lord is Saturn aspecting Ketu. Nakshatra Lord is Mars with 5th Lord in 8th house.
If there is a an evil influence of malefic planets like Mars and Saturn on the above mentioned positions then a stomach problem may be in store for the native. Sensitivity of lower abdomen due to majority of planets in 6th and 8th house: – Presence of Jupiter in sixth house and four planets: – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in eighth house make lower abdomen of Amitabh Bachchan to be sensitive more so since it is the 6th house of the natural zodiac the virgo sign. In November 2005, Amitabh Bachchan was again hospitalized due to some problem in small intestine. Saturn is Lagna Lord placed in Virgo sign the 22DK in D3 chart, Sun is 7th Lord marak and in Mrityu bhag placed with Mercury the 22DK Mercury along with Mars, Ketu is in the sign of Gemini in D3 and aspected by Saturn from Virgo sign.We have discussed in the article maleficiance of Ketu in the D30 Ketu is with 6th lord Moon.In D30 Sun is with 22DK and also with Trimshamsha lord Mars . The facts that he was passing through the sade-sati at that time.

Mercury Mahadasha 1-11-1990 to1-11-2007 Mercury placed in 8th house of surprises Mercury threw many surprises in front of Amitabh. The first half was full of ambitious plans but failed him miserably.

His losses in business and average or below average films,his failed business prepositions are all came during first half of this dasha.He was under heavy debts.His relations with Gandhi family further deteriorated in this phase.
The second half was quite contrary to the first one and surprisingly he stood from ashes and striked back with KBC.and he never looked back since then..

We have to keep in mind that Mercury is functional benefic for the Aquarius lagna.Being 5th lord Mercury provided good results while being 8th lord he gave him debts,chronic diseases and distance from Gandhi Family.During Mercury dasha he became close to Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. At first this seems a mismatch and from astrological point of view I consider this friendship as an aberration in Mr. Bachchan’s life. As this friendship blossomed in the dasha of retrograde Mercury.

2. Amitabh Bachan saw ups and downs regarding income and faced financial crisis in his life during 1990 to 2000 due to failure of his films & failure of his company Amitabh Bachchan Corporation, Ltd. (A.B.C.L.)
Amitabh Bachchan turned producer during his temporary retirement period, setting up Amitabh Bachchan Corporation, Ltd. (A.B.C.L.) in 1996. Soon after the company was launched in 1996, the first film was produced by the company. Tere Mere Sapne failed to do well at the box office. ABCL produced a few other films, none of which did well. ABCL was the main sponsor of the 1996 Miss World beauty pageant, Bangalore but lost millions. The fiasco and the consequent legal battles surrounding ABCL and various entities after the event, coupled with the fact that ABCL was reported to have overpaid most of its top level managers, eventually led to its financial and operational collapse in 1997. The company went into administration and was later declared a failed company by Indian Industries board.

The dasha was Mercury-Venus .In the year 1996-1997 Mercury is 8th lord and with Deblitated Venus. In D9 Venus has gone in the 8th house . Mercury is 8th lord of D1 and Venus is 8th lord of D9 and placed there. Venus is the 9th lord and the 12th Lord from the 10th house . In classical texts it is mentioned that this dasha can give a down fall. Also both the dasha lords are connected to the 8th house and the 10th lord in 8th house. . ( This is classical combination of down fall in career).It has proved the same. In ashtak varga the 8th house has only 20 bindoos..
In year 2000 it was Mercury-Rahu, which proved fruitful for him. It also proves that Rahu can also yield good results to a person since it is in Subkartari yoga and its dispositor a Royal planet Sun with the MCL of 10th house Mercury who is exh. in D1 along with 10th Lord Mars.In D1 Rahu is also placed in bhavat bhavam in the 7th house of name and pad Prapti . In D10 Rahu is placed in the 10th house and its dispositor Mars is placed in the 11th house . After Rahu antardasha there came Jupiter and Saturn antardashas one after another in Mercury Mahadasha, which yielded good results for Amitabh Bachchan. See the placement of Jupiter and Saturn in both the charts D9 and D10 .
3. Rise in career 12-11-2002 to 21-2-2005 Dasha is Mercury-Jupiter Jupiter is self explainatory for rise of Amitab Bachan in this period The article has details about Jupiter strength and goes without explaining it. From the year 2000, with the release of the film ‘Mohabbatein’, Amitabh Bachchan’s acting career started reviving once again and is at an excellent level till now. In the year 2000, Bachchan stepped up to host India’s adaptation of the British television game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? entitled, Kaun Banega Crorepati. As it did in most other countries where it was adopted, the program found immediate success. Bachchan hosted KBC till November 2005, and its success set the stage for his return to film popularity.
4. The notable features when Amitab Bachan fell Sick in the Dasha Of Mercury-Saturn 28-2-2005 to 8-11-2005 here are:

It is the dasha of Libra which has his GK aspected by Rahu and Ketu and Saturn also the MK. In this dasha both the son and his mother are suffering physically.The antardasha is of Capricorn which is sixth from Karakamsha and Pada lagna which is Simha.In Vimshottari dasha, it is Mercury the 8th lord (also the 5th lord), in the eighth house and the antardasha is of Saturn, the Lagna Lord. Mercury is the Lord of the 22DK, and eighty fourth dwadashamsha.

Mars, the Lord of the 64th navamsha is with Mercury in the 8th house from the Lagna and 12th from Moon .Saturn is in the eighth house from birth Moon.

Saturn antardasha in the Mercury mahadasha.This is the fag end of the mahadasha of Mercury.This is called chhidra dasha also and may cause serious damages to life. His whole 64th year was tough in his life .
Ketu Maha Dasha from 1-11-2007 to 1-11-2014

Ketu will repeat the events which Saturn has already given as well indicated. His fame will be intact but not the health.In case he passes whole of the Ketu dasha his fame and popularity will touch new frontiers.Ketu is known as “Shikhi”or Peak and that he is certainly going to achieve in coming Ketu dasha. From 2007, the stomach problem came back and he even had to go for surgery. From 2007, his Ketu mahadasha started. Ketu is in Lagna and aspecting his 5th house (the house of stomach) with its 9th aspect. Due to which the problem was there and can surface again in the dasha of Ketu-Saturn and Ketu Mercury.

Amitab Bachan has always been benefited by the Transit of Saturn influencing the natal Sun and Jupiter and a condusive dasha running for his career The start of Kaun Banega Crorepati (5th Aug. 2005 Saturn near the degrees of Moon,11th Oct 2010 on the degrees of Venus and near Moon,15th Aug 2011 near degrees of Sun and Now 28th May 2012 on the 14th May Saturn was on the degrees of Jupiter and on 28th May it will be near degrees of Sun )has always been when Saturn has been ifluencing his Natal Sun. On the 14th May night on the channels it was announced that Amitab will again start the same from 28th May 2012. Now see the planetary configurations as per the transit. This is a principle for change in work station in the life of a native for good or bad depending upon his dashas running, and timing depends upon the Asc degrees, Sun longitude,Moon longitude and any planet fructifying the event relating to it PAC, Nakshatra etc.. . In the present case Sat was 00.05 degrees and his asc. is 2.15 degrees and also at same degrees of Jupiter and having degree aspect. Saturn simultanously aspecting natal Jupiter and Sun is most pious for the positive change and growth in life

Let us analyse the Present condition of the native .
The Present Dasha Ketu-Jupiter and the Dasha at birth was Rahu-Jupiter forming a Rajyoga.

Jupiter placement from the Lagna is not good 6/8 axis but from Moon it is placed well in 4/10 axis. Ketu is placed in lagna in 1/7 axis and in the 5th house from Moon in 5/9 axis. Ketu is also not placed well from Sun in 6/8 axis also from AK who is also Sun, hence in the dasha of Ketu- Jupiter there could crop up old diseases pertaining to the 5th house , and Jupiter since there is Jupiter in the 6th house and from Ketu also . 6th house from Mars is also Ketu so some Problems of health and body etc.

Let us see the Longevity in the horoscope

Jaimini Hora is Gemini. Since out of the 3 signs ,Moon is the strongest, the ayu nirdharan will be from Moon. The native is running the 5th dasha and is not good for natives having Madhya ayu .. There are no benefics in kendras and trikonas.

Present Transit of Saturn not good since on the 22DK, and in trine to the 8th Lord of D9 and on 8th lord as per D1. —– Negative .

Jupiter in trine from 22DK. —- Negative .
Gulika is Capricorn Saturn in trine from Gulika. —– Negative .
Adding Longitudes of 6/8/12 lord = 6s 10.19+5s 23.39+1s 19.13= 1s 23.11 = Taurus. Saturn is transitting in Virgo in Trine —-Negative .

Transit of Jupiter

Transit of Jupiter in the trine from 8th house , ie in the Taurus sign. At the moment Jupiter is in the 9th from the 8th house and also trine from 22DK It is also trine from the 8th Lord—– Tripple Negative.

Adding the Longitude of Jupiter and Rahu= 3s 00.32 + 4s 10.25=7s 10.57 degrees . Navamsha is Libra. Jupiter transitting in the 8th and after 23rdMay 2013 will Transit in the trine from this Sign—– Strong Negative.

Adding the Longitude of Lagna Lord and 8th Lord = 1s 19.13+ 5s 23.39= 7s 12.52 Rahu Transitting over this sign and Jupiter in Taurus sign aspecting it —— Not Good.

D3 chart
The 8th lord is important and Saturn placement . Saturn is placed in Virgo sign and its Lord is Mercury — indicative of breathing problem.

D6 chart
6th lord Moon is the main significator in D6 chart. Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu which is the 5th house of D1 chart being Gemini sign, hence Stomatch or waist area.
The problems are visible in malefic planets and chidra grahas dashas.
Dasha of Ketu- Mercury will be chidra graha, Mercury is also 22DK lord. In this chart Mars placement is important . Mars is placed in 5/9 axis with 6th Lord Moon . Mars is with 7,5th and 8th lord, hence will not give resistence to disease. Mercury the 8th lord of D1 has become the 6th lord , hence not good at all.

Interestingly this combination of 10th lord Mars and 6th lord Mercury of D6 combination gives great fame .

There is also benefic influence to Lagna and Lagna Lord of D6 by Jupiter the D6 Lords of the 6th and 8th lord are Mercury and Saturn,hence Dasha of Ketu-Saturn and Ketu Mercury could bring health problems . Relation of Lagna Lord of D1 and D3 Saturn with Ketu are 6/8 in D6, hence no cure.

D8 chart
8th Lord of D1 Mercury is with Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Mars this is not good , hence the native could have problems In Dasha of Ketu- Saturn/Ketu Mercury. Ketu-Jupiter can give problems but there is a saving by medicines. Chronocity of problems could come up in the dasha of Ket-Saturn and Ketu- Mercury

Now the present dasha parameters Ketu-Jupiter ,Transit Jupiter AD and Ketu MD will be in degree conjunction on the 1st Jul -2nd Jul 2012 at 10.25/10.38 degrees . Natal Ketu also at 10.25 degrees . Mars and Saturn in the 8th house at 5.12 degrees and 28.45 and the 12trh house from Moon.
Let us draw the Dasha Varga charts for the MD Ketu and AD Jupiter and then Ketu –Saturn are critical.

The Trimshamsha lord of the 6th lord and 12th lord of D1 is Jupiter and for the 8th Lord is Saturn. Mercury is placed with Trimshamsha lord Mars, hence the dasha from Ketu- Jupiter till Ketu Mercury will be a critical one for his health specially around the waist, Stomatch, Diabetics and Breathing trouble.

The Critical period Starts from 1st Jul 2012 and more after 11th Oct. 2012 will be most critical period for his health.

As per dasha varga chart of Ketu from Oct. 2012 and present declination method of slow moving planets not placed in good houses and over trik lords and Nadi progression charts are not condusive for good health.

The PERIOD Starting from 11th Oct 2012 will be a critical one Ketu-Saturn from 25-9-2012 and till the Chidra Dasha of Ketu- Mercury Starting from 4/11/2013 and ending 1/11/2014. As per nadii charts also the period of Ketu- Saturn also not good for his health .Professionally he will be alive.


Anil Aggarwala


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