Eclipses in April 2014 – What they foretell for India

Eclipses usually bring about a sudden Transformations in  Business , Relationships,   Economic condition, Political affairs ,  sudden calamities natural and unnatural for the Country and also at the individual levels.  Normally  Travel, Surgery or starting a new Projects are avoided during this period and  one nakshatra ahead and one behind the eclipsed nakshatra is avoided and is supposed to give malefic results.  An Eclipse can last around 3 hours but the time that it is full is generally around an hour or less. 2014 will have 4 Eclipses.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th April  2014 13-12 hrs . This Eclipse is visible in India and  with a duration of total for 1hr 18m. Hence its effect will last for about 1.5 months.      The Solar Eclipse   on the 29th April 2014  11.44 hrs.. The effect will linger on for a period of 6 months .   Annular Solar Eclipse - Will be visible in India.

As far as the Eclipses are concerned for the Political Parties in India , they are taking place over the 8th house of Congress party which is 2nd from Moon hence the 2/8 axis  afflicted and Suicidal for Congress Party for Longevity or Tenure of the Govt. , Lagna of Rahul Gandhi which it self  shows fall in  Power and  Prestige , Hence  the chances of Congress Party or Rahul Gandhi coming in power are remote  or wining good seats in the forth coming General elections to form a singular party with mandate, they also loose grounds as per the chart of the 4th Dec. 2013 for the assembly elections  , fifth house of BJP and 12th from Moon are also not very favourable, but definitely better scope then Congress to win seats in the coming elections , as per the 4th Dec. 2013 chart they are strong, twelfth house of Narendra Modi from Lagna and Moon this is definitely  better scope then Congress and Rahu Gandhi, though there may  not be gains as per their expectations , tenth house of Aam Aaadmi Party over the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord  which is crucial for the working of the newly born Govt. in Delhi, third house of Arvind Kejriwal which is the 7th from Moon is not very healthy either, As per the chart of the 4th Dec. 2013 Aam Admi Party is Strong, Mars in the 10th house and has exchange with the 7th lord Mercury and when Mars reaches the Scorpio Sign they will be in a position to come out with flying colors, till then they may have to struggle and limp , but looking at the charts of all the above 3 Political parties  the Horoscope of Aam Admi Party  is the Strongest with Capricorn Lagna . (Cong has Pieces Lagna and BJP Gemini) There is a Potent  Rajyoga in the 10th house from Lagna which is also the 7th from Moon  , the combination of the Lagna Lord Saturn and 10th Lord Venus a Poorna Yogkarka  is a Potent Rajyoga in the chart.  Saturn has connection to the 10th from Lagna ,Moon and Saturn  and all are connected is another Yoga in the chart for a powerful Karmadhipati, hence the Party Longevity or Tenure will be very high since Saturn is Exhalted.  The Eclipse in the 10th house from Lagna and 7th from Moon will bring  Transformations, hurdles and as time passes by and Saturn and Rahu will  separate degree wise , Aam Admi Party will start gaining Grounds and come out with flying colors after Rahu Ingresses in Virgo.  Hence after Struggle and hickups Aam Admi Party will be the ultimate winner , till this time there will be no party which will  come in power as a singular Party to form the Govt. . Aam Admi Party will be instrumental  for the Govt. to be formed in the Country. We have already seen a fractured mandate in the Assembly Elections, no wonder there may be similair pattern in the General elections too. The Favourable point in the Aam Admi Party  chart is Lagna Lord Saturn in the chart and in Transit is also Exhalted . The affliction will be over as explained above on the 5th Sept. 2014 and Venus will join Saturn on the 19th Oct. and Moon on the 23rd Oct. 2014 could be a day to be celebrated by Aam Admi Party.   As Per the Aam Admi Party chart Mars will ingress in Libra on the 5th Feb 2014 and till then AAP will be on the strong footings and  announce its Policies and Stratigies for the forth coming General elections, incedently, when I was writting this article the News was Flashad on IBN live

AAP’s national dreams: 10 states where the party can make a mark

New Delhi: The spectacular victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi Assembly elections is encouraging Arvind Kejriwal’s party to go national. The AAP has already decided to contest in at least 300 Lok Sabha seats across India.

It has also identified 10 key states, where it hopes to make a difference. The AAP’s ideologue and key strategist Prof. Yogendra Yadav is giving final touches to its ambitious plans of spreading the wings across the nation.

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Yogendra Yadav is an internationally acclaimed psephologist and a political analyst. The AAP also attributes its success in Delhi to Kejriwal’s mass appeal and Yadav’s brain.

If we go through the chart  of the 4th Dec. 2013 08-00 hrs Delhi when the Assembly elections had started in Delhi , and through which I had Predicted a good Mandate for the Aam Admi Party . Mars the Key Planet for the Victory of this AAP,Incidently as per the Chart of the Aam Admi Party also it is the 4th and the 11th Lord , and  is also the Poorna Yog karka  Planet for Arvind Kejriwal with Leo Lagna . Mars   is going to ingress in the Sign of Libra and the 11th house of the chart on the 5th Feb. 2014 and afflicting Rahu and Saturn. , the dispositor of the sign Venus will also be fallen on the 6th Jan 2014,Hence Period of 5th Feb. to 5th Sept. 2014 will be critical period for the Politics in India.                                   As Per Oath Taking Chart of Arvind Kejriwal of Pieces Lagna, Mars will ingress in the 8th house of the chart and afflict Moon together with Saturn who is posited there, would also give adverse results as depicted by the Oath Taking chart .  AAP will be the winner when Mars goes in the own sign in Scorpio on the 5th Sept. 2014   and the Ultimate Ruler when Mars shifts in Sagitarius on the 26-27th Nov. 2014 and comes in Lagna of the Chart of the Assembly elections.                                                                                                                                                                                       There is affliction to Saturn the planet of Democracy and is Exhalted and hence cannot manifest its results Properly and Strongly. We have already seen  Oppressed people of Tunisia , Libya , Iraq , Egypt , Yemen , and  Syria , took up arms and fought bloody battles to liberate themselves from the tyranny of dictators, The same has happened in the Assembly Elections in Delhi, though a clear mandate is still awaited for the AAP. The same status will prevail in India in the General elections and a strong mandate for Aam Admi Party is on the cards after much turmoil and hickups, such hurdles and turmoils  shall be more visible from 5th  Feb .to the time of elections in May 2014 and till  14th July 2014 when Rahu and Mars will join again in Virgo Sign, finally the bleeding of the Political Parties will get relief after 5th Sept. 2014 when Mars transits in the sign of Scorpio and AAP gains Ground , till this period no singular party will be able to win a clear and strong  mandate.

Arvind Kejriwal  the Hero of the Day, realized  the fact that colaition partners exploit the situations in politics over the past 6 months , repeatedly said ,

” We will neither support any party , nor seek support from anyone ” due to this fact a Party with clear mandate in the General elections is nearly impossible. He is absolutely right when he refuses to form a minority-led Government , under constant threats from corrupt partners. The Question is What next ?

Although President’s Rule can also be a  possibility , it is a pointless postponement of what is inevitable , RE-ELECTION

we have no alternative but to face the fact that is what the planetary positions are indicating. Let us face the harsh reality of parliamentary democratic process

If People of India/ Delhi want a stable / accountable / corruption-free Government , then  they will have to go to the  the polling booths ONCE AGAIN , and give AAP , at least 40 SEATS

Let their message be  loud and clear , across the length and breadth of   the country , but Planetary positions are definitely suggesting this and a long awaited Honest Political Party is on the Cards after going through lot of hurdles and hickups, The reason is absolutely clear Saturn exhalts in Libra a Planet of Democracy and the Exhaltation point is 20 degrees which it will reach at 22 degree on the 21st July 2014 is bound to bring a strong Transformation for Discipline, specially in the Sign of Libra which is Peace , Tranquility and Balance                                                       The Parameters which acquire special dimension  at the time of Eclipses are as follows —                                                                                                                                                                         One of the worst Parameter is the Transit of Venus the Lagna Lord of Foundation chart of India .Venus, the planet of Love and Romance Daitya Guru became Retrograde on the 23rd Dec. 2013 and has fallen back in the Rashi of Sagitarius on the 6th Jan 2014, According to Shastra Venus gets set in Sagitarius, being the 3rd house from its Mool Trikona sign, Venus will now have affliction by both Mars and Saturn and will also be aspected by Retrograde Jupiter. So two planets which are ebenfic will have mutual aspect and there results will become erratic, Jupiter will will not be able to give full protection, Libra is already afflicted and its lord will be afflicted badly, because of the fact that it is Fallen, Set,Combusted, Retrograde and aspected by both malefic planets Saturn and Mars, Women have to be alert during the Period Venus is in Sagitarius and specially after 16th Jan 2014,I am reminded of the event on the 16th Dec. 2012. The celebrities and Politicians should also be alert for involvement in Sex Scandles. There could be a Air Crashes as well . The dates 11th Jan , and 17th Jan. 2014 will be sensative dates for adverse happenings..Finally Venus becomes direct on the 1st Feb 2014 and ingresses in Capricorn on the 26th Feb. 2014, it will then take its journey for its Exhaltation sign in the coming months. Moon signs belongiong to Venus Libra and Taurus will be influenced adversely, but the promise and Dasha operating will also play vital role. The Tranquality, Peace and Balance will be at stake till then, . Venus being the lord of the 10th house in case of Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Admi Party, they have Leo and and Capricorn Lagna Respectively

1.   Hindu New Moon Pieces chart   of 2013, Leo sign is  rising  and concentration of  5 planets in the 8th house is a crucial parameter , The 8th Lord   Jupiter From Lagna and the 10th house is placed in 10th house and has exchange with the 10th Lord Venus also acquires a malefic stance especially when the Planetary positions in transit  will acquire a malefic stance in the month of Feb and March 2014.  Mars aspecting the Saturn and Rahu in the 3rd house of this chart is an indication of some conspiracy from the neighbouring countries when the country will be preparing itself for the General elections. In this connection I have already written an article  Long stay of Mars in Libra and its consequences in year 2014  .  The Present Govt. will be hit adversely and Prime Minister Man Mohan singh may have to step down.                                                                                            Let me write here the malefic happenings 30 yrs back when Saturn was in the same sign  along with Mars and both in retrogression ,  when  the Blue Star operation on the 5th June 1984  ,  and Assassination of the Prime Minister Indra Gandhi and the Roits against  the Sikh community  took place  on the 31st Oct. 1984 and were  heart  breaking .The Planetary combinations in the Present  Eclipses are  worse since the involvement of Rahu as well,  and hence malefic stances  with greater magnitude could  be repeated, more likely hood of the same in Feb-March 2014 in the Present context.

As per Hindu New Moon Pieces Chart of 2014 ,  The Sign rising on the 31st March 2014 00.15 hrs is Scorpio ,Although the Sun and Moon the Luminaries are making a strong Rajyoga in the 5th house, they are being aspected by Retrograde Fallen Mars and hence both the Luminaries are afflicted, first there will be Rajyoga forming and then some malefic stance regarding the Kings and the Queens of the countries. There may be change in the the dasha will also be adverse  in operation .                                          .

2. Role of  Lumanaries , and Mars  and affliction on the Sun and Moon. In the above Eclipse on the 29th April Sun and Moon are both afflicted by Fallen and Retrograde Mars in close degrees is crucial factor , since they are also afflicted in the Hindu New Moon charts.

3.  Solar Ingress charts of the cardinal signs 1,4,7,10 and Paksha Kundalis. In the Solar Ingress chart of  Aries . The Asc. is Aries and afflicted.

by Ketu and Saturn, The Sun is placed in the 10th house , hence the results of the 10th house will surface for 3 months. The navamsha sign is the 8th house rising the Lagna Lord Mars is Deblitated and is in Rahu-Ketu axis along with Karka for Govt. Sun, is a clear indication for the fall in the Present Govt. in the country.As per Paksha Kundali of 16th Jan 2014 for India Mars is placed in the 8th house and aspects R Venus in the 11th house who is fallen , is indicative of Malefic results for 9th house and Venus significations. Most damaging is the  Paksha Kundali of 16-3-2014 , Saturn and Mars both Retrograde and in Lagna in Libra with Rahu is most sensitive . Charts of the Solar ingress in Aquarius and Pieces are not good either with 3 malefics in the 12th house is a clear indication of some foreign conspiracy to create total kaios in the country, The top Celebrities and the Political Leaders should also keep  vigil for themself and keep a distance  from getting involved in Sex Scandales,  since Venus the Daitya Guru  is retrograde and will be fallen in Sagitarius from the 6th Jan 2014 and severely afflicted by Mars and Saturn till 5th Feb. 2014. Leaders of the newly born Govt. should be alert on this parameter as well.I have also mentioned in my Previous article that an event like Dec. 2012 can  be repeated for women, hence women have to be  alert on this as well.

4Role of Eclipses.    : If there is Solar or Lunar Eclipse in Chaitra then at few places Rains are excessive. There is drought at few places or floods elsewhere. The rains may come with interruptions. The intellectuals, traders, actors, writers, artists etc. may  suffer,and  as explained above there will be transformations  .   If you go through the charts  of the Eclipses above in The Lunar Eclipse chart the Degrees of Sun, Moon and Rahu, Ketu are very close  Sun, Moon at 1.12 degrees and Rahu-Ketu at 4.19  and Sun afflicted by Both Mars and Saturn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the Solar Eclipse chart Sun and Moon at 14.48 degrees and see the asof R and Fallen Mars at close 8th Aspect at 17.46 degrees , Mercury is also aspected closely. The affliction to both the Lumanaries and Mars being Fallen in Virgo and Retrograde is crucial factor in this eclipse and can ignite Strong  malefic results.

5.  Retrogression of Planets, plane ts changing signs and getting combust  also show significant changes in the happenings  of the events. Saturn, Mars the Superior planets are getting in Retrogression on the 2nd March 2014   will be instrumental in giving the malefic results more so since at the time of Eclipse both are in Retrograde motion.Jupiter will also be retrograde till 6th March 2014, Hence all the 3 superior Planets will be retrograde from 2nd March to 6th March 2014 and could prove disasterous for natural calamities, such as an Earthquake of higher intensity.Venus also Retrograde as explained above

6.  Study of Veda in Chakras  for Lumanaries  and other planets.   Already studied and predictions given as per the article at the bottom for Mars long stay in Libra, the date of  20th Feb. 2014 is most  crucial.

7.   Mr. K.N Rao in his book the Nehru Dynasty by vani publication has mentioned certain parameters relating to the  Eclipses  caused by Rahu-Ketu . The Theory propounded by him is  as under

The Eclipse fall on the natal Moon, Sun or Lagna  of notable person /The Charts of the countries considered for the Political , natural, unnatural happenings .This only means that the eclipse is falling on these 3 Parameters or the 7th house from these points . If Rahu-Ketu will be transitting over the above 3 parameters and the Sub period of Rahu  or a malefic is in operation and has acquires  the dimension to kill , what can happen—

The native / country may fall from power.
If this happens in the 10th house with out involving these points, the native may fall, or if the span of life has come to its terminal point, die. If the major or sub period happens to be that of Rahu , then the fall is unavoidable. The proposition may be tested further .  I am discussing in this article the effects on India and the Globe .I have already discussed above this Parameter.

Finally Mars in Transit reaches or aspects this Eclipse point, which is a ammunition dump, and can be ignited only by Mars and no other planet. . The Eclipse point as per Lumanaries  will be activated by Mars on the  20th May 2014 when it will be stationary and shall be aspecting the Sun and Moon at  exact degrees of the Lumanaries at the time of Solar Eclipse. Mars shall activate the Eclipse degrees of Rahu and Ketu as per Lunar Eclipse on the 8th Sept. 2014 and  Solar Eclipse on the 12th Sept. 2014 , hence these dates will be most crucial in the present scenerio to give strong maleficaince as above  for Earthquakes, Tornados, Tsunami like events Foreign element disturbances in the country . Even there could be War like situations specially in the Arab world, Since there will also be a combination of Mars,Saturn and Rahu in Libra on the 5th Feb. 2014. If we recollect historically 1962 from the month of Feb. when 8 planets were in Capricorn joining the eclipse of 5th Feb. 1962 . Capricorn is India’s Lagna as taken by Varahamihira and West Asia. Capricorn is the 8th house of USA since Gemini Lagna ( 8th house is mass death, diseases, Feverish, war and agony) Capricorn is 12th house of USSR 12th house of secret plots . The Feb. 1962 Eclipse created different problems for the above countries., Mars finally ignited the events as mentioned above.

As far as India is concerned we had a Indo -Chinese war . China has Cancer Lagna. Eclipse took place in the 7th house and on the 20th Oct 1962  Indo chinese war took place. Now coming to the Eclipses in the month of April 2014 , one Lunar and one Solar is crucial as explained above.

Effects of the above Eclipses  Earthquake , Political turmoils, Terrorist activities,  War involving Chemical weapons,Economic trends  all will be influenced adversely . Since at the time of Eclipses, both Mars and Saturn being involved, Mercury behind Sun  specially in the Lunar Eclipse and Rahu Stationary and in forward motion is strong parameter for an  Earthquake, Tornado’s, Tsunami etc. of a stronger intensity to surface , specially where the eclipses are visible, although where it is not visible may also be effected by an earthquake of normal intensity .Neighbouring countries interfering and creating disturbances by terrorist activities  etc.

 One most  disturbing Parameter in the Eclipse is that the degrees of   Sun , Moon,Mars, Saturn  are very close , this could trigger an Earthquake/ Tornado etc. of higher intensity , more so since Rahu will also be  Stationary  or in forward motion.                                                                                                                                                                                           Effects on India  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               India is going through dramatic changes , Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will  have to step down  , since the 10th Lord Saturn in the foundation chart has been under acute afflictions by Rahu and Mars  . Rahu carrying him under never ending scams and Saturn and Rahu conjunction for the rising prices , producing total dissatisfaction among the public. . Aam Admi Party will also gain grounds after this initial hickups as mentioned above. Saturn  is Yogkarka for the India Foundation chart and exalted will bestow democratic behavior pattern as  time passes by and the the two planets Saturn and Rahu separate degree wise  as explained above and Dates given. Ultimately there will be peace as  Libra is a sign of Peace, Tranquility and Balance , and after Rahu ingresses in Virgo and the the two Rahu and Saturn separate from each other degree wise which will figure out most prominently in the activities of Aam Admi Party till 14th July 2014 and this Party will come out with Flying colors after 5th September  2014.  


 For the Purpose of evil happenings , the Lagna of India is taken as Capricorn by Varahamihra and Eclipses is taking place in the 4/10 axis and in the  nakshatra of Swati which is governed by Roughly Goa,Karnataka, Part of South West Maharashtra, .  As mentioned by me above , the planetary combinations are not good for countries with movable signs in Lagna, Moon or the Sun Signs.  Kashmir Issue may surface in the form of clashes at the Boarder.  As per the foundation chart  of India the Eclipse is taking place over the 6/12 axis and the natal Jupiter the 8th lord  is placed in Libra in the 6th house at 25.52 degrees . Mars will activate the 8th Lord Jupiter  on the  5th February  2014 and the 8th house and 8th Lord  after 2nd March 2014 , will be crucial Parameter . As per the Eclipse charts Saturn and Mars both will be at close degrees of the 8th Lord Jupiter  and India would be running the dasha of  Sun-Mercury-Jupiter from 3-2-2014 to 16-3-2014 and then the dasha of Sun-Mercury-Saturn will come in operation.                                                                                                                                                                       As per Rudramsha D11 also the periods of Mercury and Saturn have never been good since in this chart Saturn is the Lagna Lord and Mercury is the 8th lord , Saturn is placed in the 8th house and 8th Lord Mercury is placed in the 10th house , we have already seen the happenings in Uttrakhand  and my predictions and actual happenings which proved fatal because of these Parameters. The eclipse is bound to bring havoc’s in the Political fields, a change in the Ruling Government Boarder issues with neighboring countries may also crop up.  As far as the Political Scenerio is concerned there may be total instability  and Aam Admi party will start to gain momentum for its goals and not let the other political parties  to come singularly as one party in the elections.Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Strong Winds cannot be ruled out. For India the 4/10 axis from Moon will be afflicted as well.  Sun-Ketu will be in operation from the 5-5-2014. This may result in the adverse effects on the Business, Commerce and the Govt.. The planetary positions and the dasha is indicative of Mourning for the death of a Prominent leader/ Celebrity.

                                                                                                                       The Eclipse point as per Luminaries  will be activated by Mars on the  20th May 2014 when it will be stationary and shall be aspecting the Sun and Moon at exact degrees of the Luminaries at the time of Solar Eclipse. Mars shall activate the Eclipse degrees of Rahu and Ketu as per Lunar Eclipse on the 8th Sept. 2014  Solar Eclipse on the 12th Sept. 2014 .  The period of Feb-March 2014 will be most sensitive for malefic stances surfacing specially the 20th Feb. 2014 for which i have already given the analysis as per the chakras in my previous article  .                                                                                                          Another parameter which is crucial is the Mars and Saturn both becoming Retrograde one after the other Respectively . Mars will be stationary from 1st March to 3rd March where as Saturn will be stationary from 26th Feb. to 6th March and will be most sensative and Crucial in the Present Scenerio for India and the globe and the countries who have dasha running relating to them.    Both will be stationary on the 1st March 2014.

Long stay of Mars in Libra and its consequences in year 2014

Gold, Share market and Real Estate will also be influenced adversely . See the Planetary positions after 6th Jan. 2014 and then after 16th Jan 2014 are crucial for Gold, Real Estate after 25th March 2014 will suffer . There can be swings in the Share market as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

anil aggarwala                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

   Dated 3rd January 2014


SCHOOLING - DPS Mathura road New Delhi. ENGINEERING BSc. Production Engg. - Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh - year 1971. EXPERIENCE- M/S Escorts Ltd MSD FBD , Joint Venture MUL - DGM . ENGG. PROJECTS Training- Suzuki Motor Corpn. JAPAN, Daweoo Int. Corpn. KOREA - year Dec 1986-1987. BUISNESS - Automobiles- year 1987. ASTROLOGY -. Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Institute of Astrology New Delhi -Year Jan 2007. Jyotish Alankar , Jyotish Acharaya .. ASTROLOGY RESEARCH Guidance Shri K.N.Rao,. ARTICLES-- JOURNAL OF ASTROLOGY Feb. 2012 -- 1. ASTRO EXPERIENCES 2. Vol 9 article no. 170 Amazing Astro Experiences and Prashna . 3. Article Saturns Transit in Vishaka Nakshatra : What it Fortells In the All India Federation of Astrologers Societies Research Journal July -Sept. 2014 Page 27. 4. FIXING AUSPICIOUS DATE AND TIME FOR C-SECTION DELIVERY Explanations through a Case-study by Anil Aggarwala will appear in the Sept. 2014 issue in StarTeller Magzine RESEARCH Marriage, Prashna Triangle, Transit of Malefics over 8th house/lord / Navamsha . Timing of events AWARDS- Saroj Memorial Award for Excellent Research - Astrology year -2012 Premonitions- childhood.. ASTROLOGERS influenced most - Pundit Hardev Sharma Trivedi. Narayan Pandit Delhi , Pandit S.Ganesh . Astrology is Science, Art., Shakun, Intution and Logic . Astrology is a Language of the mother nature , understanding important., Results in good Karma. Life -Like a cow tied to pole.Has path defined - circular motion 360 degrees. Cannot alter it , Rope has Elasticity .Stretchbility factor desiphered by Astrology .Quality and Strength of Rope -Our Past Karmas. Astrology explains well.. Nature guides- We ignore- suffer. We follow - success ASTROLOGY SYSTEMS I follow -Parashar ,Prashna,Jaimini and Nadi Predictive.. .Mundane Astrology my Interest.

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