Oath Taking Chart of Arvind Kejriwal

After my successful Prediction for the Win of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal , I am writing this article . Exactly after a year after Arvind Kejriwal had resigned on the 14th Feb, 2014 , Arvind Kejriwal will take Oath as Chief Minister of Delhi on the 14th Feb. 2015 at the Ramlila Maidan at 12-16 hrs

Arvind Kejriwal emerged victorious in the high-profile New Delhi constituency by handing over a crushing defeat to BJP’s Nupur Sharma by a huge margin of 31,583 votes.

After AAP had thrown a surprise by uprooting Congress out of power in 2013 Assembly elections as a debutant party, Kejriwal had taken oath as Delhi’s seventh Chief Minister on December 28 at a public ceremony in the historic Ramlila Maidan, the venue of the Lokpal movement.He had defeated the three-time Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit on her home-turf by a margin of 25,864 votes.However, after serving the government for 49 days, he had resigned on February 14 last year .

The Aam Aadmi Party has  invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Arvind Kejriwal’s swearing-in ceremony as Delhi Chief Minister ., But due to his  appointment he will not be able to attend the same.

AAP  created history by winning 67 of the 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly polls. An unexpected  thumping Majority .  Prime minister N Modi has been invited at the gracious occassion. The most important event  in the coronation of the King is the  choosing of a right muhurta . The signs rising in the Lagna have to be rightly chosen. Lagna should be of a Shirshodayo sign, Gemini, Leo,Virgo,Libra ,Scorpio and Aquarius should be preferred.in addition BV Raman has reccommended Aries and Pieces signs  equally good . Signs of Lagna falling in the 3,6,11 places from the natal  Moon are considered good.
   Let us have a look at the Muhurat chart at the time of Oath taking. Arvind Kejriwal took Oath of Chief Minister of Delhi on 14th of February 2015 at 12:14 hours, Delhi.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Panchang of the Day,
Day Saturday Lord is Saturn  Tithi KP-10 , Nakshatra Jyestha  4th pada Ferocious and Bitter nakshatra not suitable for good deeds , it is also a Tiryang Mukha straight looking or facing forward, lord of the nakshatra is Indra. Yoga is Harshna and lord is Sun. Karna is Vishti but not in Bhadra.   Sun rise 07-02 Sun Set 18.08 Dinman 11-06 hrs. Saturday and Poorna Tithi KP-10 is Mrityu Yoga is a malefic yoga. Some Important parameters in the chart 4 planets deblitated in navamsha Sun, Mars, Jup and Mercury and Saturn Exhalted.                                                                                                               
In the Muhurat Chart Saturn and Moon will be in the Ashtam sthan from the natal Moon and Saturn is not supposed to be good specially Moon transit from the Natal Moon, more so when Moon is also in the last degrees and  in 4th Pada of Jyestha Nakshatra is a strong weakness in the chart.  Chandra Balam and TaraBalam both are Inauspicious                                                                                                                The chart is below of the 14th Feb. 2015 12-16  hrs. Abhi Muhurat starts from12-13 hrs. hence good.  As per Panchaka Rahita Viddhi it is a Good Muhurat.
Lagna is Taurus 12.38- degrees in the nakshatra of   Rohini  a fixed sign rising ,but Prishtodayo and a Prishtodayo planet Saturn aspecting the Lagna is not good in the first instant, but being a Yogkarak for this Lagna and aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees is definitely good as 10th lord placed in the 10th from 10th the shookasham sthan and digbali there will stimulate the image of Arvind Kejriwal. Lagna  nakshatra is Moon and Deblitated , but aspecting the Lagna . A Deblitated planet Moon also aspects the Lagna  is not good and shows mental aggravasion .  Lagna Lord Venus approaching towards its Exhaltation sign and the 11th house of the chart is strong yoga for good administration. But unfortunately in navamsha  Sun is deblitated and with Exhalted Saturn. The 2 planets for political career Saturn and Sun are Digbali, hence Arvind Kejriwal will command good Administration.  Lagna Lord placed in the 10th house is a Rajyoga with Digbali Sun. Sun is in the nakshatra of Mars and Mars has just ingressed in the 11th house . Planets  acquire a special dimension  who have just ingressed  in signs. Sun ingressed in Aquarius on the 13th Feb. 2015, Mars also ingressed on the 12th Feb. 2015.  Moon deblitated and approaching almost the 8th house and in Jyestha nakshatra is not  good for the muhurat chart specially in the 4th charan of Jyestha , All these combination indicate that although Arvind Kejriwal will rule with Power and good administration there may be hinderances as well and mental auguish. Saturn and Moon in the 7th house as per Gopesh Kumar Ojha gives  native a high position and respected by the Govt., but suffers from the oppositions and marital discord. There is no coalition hence  the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in 2/12 axis will not influence the Muhurat chart, rather it is showing absolute Majority By the Lagna Lord ..
Some of my Research  for good period timing i am using here   . Saturn the slowest moving planet and aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees and is in Exhaltation in navamsha, it became Exhalted in navamsha on the 10th Feb. 2015 around 17-36 hrs the day of the results. Now the Tenure of the Chief minister is 5 years . Since Saturn is a slow moving planet karka for politics and significator of masses , down troden, Arvind Kejriwal will work endlessly for all these significations.  This Saturn will attribute very good results till Saturn is in navamsha of  Libra till 4th June 2015. Getting Retrograde on the 14th March 2015 , it will be in virgo navamsha on the 17th April 2015 and Leo navamsha on the 5th June 2015. it will become direct on the  2nd August 2015. . On the 28th sept. 2015, it will come back in Virgo navamsha. It will join back Libra navamsha on the 1st of Nov.2015 till 29th of Nov.2015 and after that it will be in Scorpio and become Vargottam till 29th Dec. 2015, there after it will be in Sagitarius navamsha  the 8th house of the event chart , this period could be trouble some for him specially from 6th Jan 2016 onwards when on the 10th Jan. 2016 there will be Lagna Lord Venus, Saturn, Mars , Rahu and 8th Lord Jupiter all in the Navamsha of Sagitarius the 8th house of the event chart.The Problems could continue till the slow moving planets leave this navamsha .  In a Nut shell after 29th Dec. 2015 will be a period of stress, anguish, hurdles  till 31st Jan 2016 . There could be bickering in his cabinet ministers . Arvind Kejriwal will work for the poor and the Aam Admi.   The ride of Saturn will be very good  slowly after Saturn crosses the Capricorn navamsha  when it joins Capricorn navamsha , and then  Aquarius and Pieces navamsha  respectively from 29th Nov. 2016. .Saturns  journey  in the navamsha of  Aquarius  and Pieces will be excellent   the 10 and 11th house in the event chart and   signifies complete success. But till Saturn remains in Sagitarius and Capricorn navamsha may not be good, since the navamsha sign of 8th Lord Jupiter is also Capricorn.  The best part of Saturn in Scorpio is that it will not get Deblitated in navamsha .After Saturn in transit Joins Sagitarius it will offer hurdles after Jan 2017  for 2,5 years specially the first navamsha will be in Aries and Saturn will be deblitated.  Hence it is clear though Arvind Kejriwal will have power and good administration he may have to face hinderances in the period mentioned above . I have also mentioned Periods for his caution also .
  Moon  is deblitated and in the nakshatra of Jyestha in the 4th pada a aggressive nakshatra is not good for Oath taking specially when Moon is about to change sign and enter the 8th house .  Moon should be placed well for steady relations and also not good for the Longevity since in the last degrees in the 7th house and about to enter the 8th house . As per Lagna Degrees it is in the 8th house of chalit. Moon as per Natal Moon is also in the 8th from Natal Moon and also in the 7th Tara from Krittika, this Parameter is not good for the longevity and the mental condition of the person Taking Oath.  But 10th house is strong which may take care of the same . Steady conditions may not prevail. There may be humiliations unexpected .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Navamsha      The Navamsha is of Aries aspected by Saturn Exhalted and Deblitated Sun, again showing the Strength of Saturn and the influence of the significations in the working of Arvind Kejriwal. Lagna Lord of navamsha is Placed in the 4th house and aspected by again Saturn. Hence Saturn significations will be most Predominant in his working.                                                                                        Dashamsha        Is also Taurus and Saturn Yogkarak is Exhalted    and Sun placed in the 10th house will command Power .
Yama. The Time of Oath the Day Lord Saturn is placed in the 2nd Yama of Gemini , this sign is placed in the 2nd house of the event chart aspected by Mars and the Lord Mercury  is aspected by  Jupiter the 8th and the 11th Lord  is not very good since being the 8th Lord and its Mool Trikona sign in the 8th house indicates obstacles and hinderances and humiliations as well to achieve his goals .
Uday Lagna Taurus Prishtodayo, Arudha Lagna  Scorpio having a Deblitated planet and Chaitra Rashi is Sagitarius a Prishtodayo sign and the 8th house of the chart. Chaitra Rashi is ill placed from Uday Lagna , Arudha Lagna and  Moon, hence the Present is Good, Passed was bad since Deblitated Moon in the Scorpio sign and Future is full of Bottlenecks and Humiliations, struggles  and Challenges. From the above it is clear that though Arvind Kejriwal  though may have Power and strength as a Chief Minister he will face humiliations, Challenges and obstructions  in performance to reach his goals . Saturn aspecting the Lagna shows he will work endlessly with servitude and support of the Public, but Saturn in Scorpio is also in a inimical sign and Mars Exchange is just over , hence it will make his job very Loborius and challenging . Difficult Period from 24th March to 2nd -3rd Nov. 2015  full of Obstructions and a period to be handled with care   .
DBA Planets are   Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn      these planets are signifying results of the 2nd,5th,8th, 11th, 9th and 10th house predominantly , hence apart from Success there will be hinderances as well . Jupiter is aspecting Mercury and Saturn both and in navamsha it is Deblitated as well Jupiter is 8th and 11th Lord , hence success after hurdles . Houses 2nd,5th,9th ,10th and 11th is definitely good  , the priorites in his Govt. will be pertaining to the signification of all these houses including black money being represented by 8th house.
Longevity      Lagna Lord Venus is about to go in Exhaltation sign and is strong in the varga charts as compared to 8th Lord  Jupiter  and there is no malefic aspect on the 8th house or 8th lord is good for a good tenure. It is also Exhalted but Retrograde.
Sun   Sun is a royal planet and specially related to politics . In the chart it is placed digbali in the 10th house with Lagna Lord and aspected by Jupiter is very good placement .. In the classical texts it has been prescribed that Sun should be in Uttrayana, hence very good  placement, in navamsha it has become deblitated but again with a Exhalted planet Saturn, around which the whole horoscopes revolves . .
The best thing in the Oath taking chart is the 6,8 and 12th houses are vacant . Also in the Muhurat chart as per Prashna 10th house is his Govt. and the 4th house his opposition and 10th house is very stronger thaan the 4th house , hence Arvind Kejriwal will be a strong one.
Nakshatra   According to Book of Muhurta by K K Joshi Last part of Jyestha is not good for Oath taking . Moon here is in the last degrees of Jyestha is not good to bestow good results .        Let us see what the Simhasan Chakra has to say for this Muhurat.Simhasan  or Panch Nadi Chakra above.   It is like the seating arrangement  at the Kings court where the King sits at the highest Pedestal or Throne. The Chart is above.  In this chart the importance of Moon and Saturn in higher nadis is immense.
In this chakra Moon is placed in the lowest nadi Aadhaar , best placement is in Simhasan, hence in this case the power of the King is reduced and hurdles are offered Hence he will work for the down troden and the Aam Admi for their upliftment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Saturn is also placed in the Assan nadi  The position of Saturn is very important since it is a planet of Democracy and Masses, it is also significator of death and destruction, it should not be with Moon any way. In the Event chart both are placed together in the 7th house aspecting Lagna, hence this factor is not good as per Simhasan chakra . Saturn in the Aasan nadi and connectioin with Retrograde planets  is dreaded for the King. Here Saturn is Placed in Aasan nadi and aspected by R etrograde Jupiter who is placed in the Aadhaar nadi will not be able to give full protection. Jupiter in Aasan Nadi is protection against all evil , hence Jupiter aspect on Saturn may not give full protection to Saturn.
Hence from the above it is clear that though he may have good administration and number of points in Agenda which will be apprecaited by the masses ,but he may face Obstructions, Humiliations and may have to work very hard to reach his goals. Moon affliction is a very big factor in the Muhurat chart and not Placed well can also play with the Longevity of his tenure. N Modi may also extend help, but BJP other Leaders may create bottlenecks for him. Moon Sign though of Arvind Kejriwal and N Modi are in 6/8 axis , this is another factor not good for Arvind Kejriwal, he has to make sure that he does not annoy N Modi and his leaders for this purpose
Using Transits on the Muhurat chart the period of difficulty would be first when Rahu and Ketu ingress in the 4/10 axis on the 9th Jan 2016 and then  Jupiter also joining Leo  in June 2016 and will be afflicted by Saturn as well will be crucial period, these 1.5 years could be crucial for his working and has to be careful in totality. Also when Saturn ingresses in Sagitarius on the 26th Jan 2017, it will also be in Deblitation in navamsha  it will be in the 8th house of the Muhurat chart and alsothe Chaitra Rashi will give Humiliations and Struggles.
His main agenda and Policies will be pertaining to will be for the 2nd , 5thhouse Educational Institutions    , Finances, New amendments, Law and Order, Home for the Poor  and Black money along with Security for Women
Let us now what the Delhi State  chart of  1 February 1992,00:00 hrs, Delhi (77 E 13’ and 24 N 40’)   below

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari : Venus17 Years 9 Months and 10 Days.
A Lunar eclipse on October 19, 2013 and then a Solar Eclipse on November 3 were fallen across the Libra-Aries axis the ascendant of Delhi state horoscope. The Saturn was also transiting in Libra sign at that time afflicting the ascendant of Delhi state.In Vimshottari the period of Sun-Venus is in operation till 11-11-2015 there after Dasha of Moon will be in operation which is the 10th lord  and placed in the 3rd house with Lagna Lord    . As per Navamsha also both are together which is the 11th house of the foundation chart This Rajyoga combination clearly indicates a Strong  Govt.  in the near future from Nov. 2015. although the dasha of Sun-Venus running also indicates the same. The Mercury getting combust in the Rashi chart and under debilitation in the Navamsha had to bring upheavals   in the state Politics and hence a change was on the cards in the Delhi Assembly Elections .  In Feb. 2014  when Arvind Kejriwal resigned from the post of Chief Minister on 14thof February 2014 the Mars has just entered the Libra sign activating the ellipse point  and afflicting the  ascendant  Libra sign of Delhi state. At this point of time Saturn was also in Libra.Later on when Saturn ingressed in Scorpio, on 2 November 2014, the situation of ambiguity over the state of Delhi assembly got clear as the union government gave its approval for the dissolution of state assembly thus paving way for the fresh elections.  The  result was the Delhi assembly elections on the 7th  Feb. 2015  gave a clear mandate to a New Political Party  AAP. In Vimshottari in the horoscope of Delhi state. Venus is the lord of Lagna strongly placed in the third house in close conjunction with the tenth lord (Govt) in the Foundation chart of Delhi state. This is a strong  astrological indication that the coming assembly polls will give Delhi state a strong administrator.                                                                                                                                                                                  Now Let us see this horoscope of  Arvind Kejriwal which  Which has been euthenticated  By Shri K. N Rao  Sunder Balakrishnan a close associate of Arvind Kejriwal.16 August 1968, 07:30:00 hrs, Hissar (Haryana)


Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari : Sun 4 years , 7 months and 13 days.
The prominent feature in this  Leo Lagna chart of Arvind  Kejriwal  having a conjuction of 3 planets  the conjunction Jupiter, Mercury and Venus of  second and eleventh lord Mercury , fifth lord Jupiter and tenth lord Venus.   This conjuction   of the 3 planets in Parashar is a splendid Rajyoga along with a Dhan yoga, In Jaimini Mercury and Jupiter together attribute strength to the house they are posited in. This also explains his career in the  Indian Revenue Service (IRS) on a respectable  post of Joint commissiner from where he resigned earlier to work for the social cause and the Country at large.

It was in Jupiter-Mercury-Moon ( 7 November 2013 to 15 January 2014)  period in Vimshottari when he  came out with flying colors in the Indian politics by defeating three time chief minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit in 2013 Delhi legislative assembly elections.   The Prashna chart at the time of Start of the elections indicated his thumping success and also predicted by me. This was a dramatic  political turnaround, when  he became the chief minister on 28 December 2013. At this point of time  Congress gave his party an unconditional support to form the Government.

Mercury the sub period lord is in good Raj Yoga but it is in Mrityu-Bhag  and with 8th Lord Jupiter  inflicted anasty fall to him in Politics. In Dashamsha Mercury is in Rahu-Ketu axis and is  under malefic aspects  of Mars and Saturn. The Eclipses in  October-November 2013 had fallen over his natal Moon in Aries. As soon as Mars entered  into Libra the 3rd house of the chart  and activated the eclipse point and aspected the moon in Aries 7th from Moon the Eclipse point was activated , he resigned from the post of Chief Minister in a manner which was a  bombshell for Indian Politics.He resigned on 14th February 2014,  when he was under Jupiter-Mercury-Mars (16 January 2014 to 5 March 2014)  in Vimshottari, just after 49 days short  Period as the Chief minister of Delhi, at this point Mars had also entered the 8th house of the Rudramsha chart which indicvates a fall. Mars the sub period lord is deblitated in both Rashi chart and Dashamsha. Mars is also involve in a bad exchange of 9th and 12th houses in the Rashi chart. In the next sub period of Rahu, which is placed in the eighth house from the Lagna and twelfth from the Moon, he lost the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi which he fought against Narendra Modi. After the debacle in Lok Sabha elections Arvind Kejriwal declared that he will now concentrate on the Politics of Delhi state for the next 5 years.                                                              Now Arvind Kejriwal is running into Jupiter-Mercury-Saturn ( 25 October 2014 to 5 March 2015) period in Vimshottari. Saturn, the sub-sub period lord, is debliteated sixth lord in the ninth house of luck.  Saturn aspect on the own house and  6th house where he has good ashtakvarga points  gave defeat to his opponents .  Saturn is deblitated but my experience is retrograde Saturn is always good for career. Saturn is also vargottam. In  Navamsha it is placed in the eighth house of surprises and aspects the 10th house, it is also said that saturn is not bad in the 8th house though will give struggles and hard work to achieve the goals , therefore  we can expect some dramatic moments in his Political career in days to come.  Health  issues could also crop up during this period. Saturn and Moon combination gives Cough , also Mercury is in mrityu bhag  also not good for the same . The  position of Saturn in the Dashamsha chart is good so he can hope for a Political  career and a comeback. A debliteated planet is good in the 3rd , 6th and 8th house  as per ‘Parashara’. Similarly the lord of 3rd , 6th and 8th house getting deblitated  in a chart also produce good results and gives vipreet rajyoga but after sufferings . The best part in Arvind Kejriwal is the 11th house becoming the 10th house of the Navamsha , the person is capable of converting a desert into a Oasis.. The only negative in his chart is the Lagna Lord  Sun and Mars both in Sarp Dreshkanne , Sun as a Lagna Lord and as a Lumanary is not good and gives emotional hurdles in life, specially their dasha connected to planets . The Person also does not have forward thinking and some times wrong decisions are taken., for this reason the sub sub dasha of Mars brought about his downfall. Mars is also in Sarp Dreshkanne.

The next sub period of Ketu in Vimshottari will be good for Kejriwal as it is placed well in Rashi, Navamsha and Dashamsha charts. However, in  transit the Saturn moving from Scorpio is falling in the 8th from  his natal Moon and 4th from the Lagna of Kejriwal again shows a period of struggle and Mental tentions, humiliations , struggles  for the next 2.5 years.  The Jupiter transiting  in Cancer sign is in the twelfth house from his ascendant and forth from Moon is not bad since in the 4th Paraya and gives benefic happenings , also it is a friendly Planet for Leo ascendant.

In Jaimini Chara dasha the period of Aquarius-Aquarius ( 16 October 2014 to 16 August 2015) is excellent for Arvind Kejriwal. There are three benefic planets in Kendra from Aquarius. The malefic in the 3rd and 6th houses from running dasha Aquarius shows that he will have great fighting ability during this period  to make efforts for a come back and has been successful on the 7th Feb. 2015. The Atamakaraka Sun, Amatayakaraka Moon, Putrakaraka Mars and Darakaraka Saturn are giving their aspect to Aquarius and  the 10th house from  it thus making a great Jaimini Raj Yoga.The Present period in the months of February and March in 2015 the sub-sub periods of Cancer and Leo will be in operation in Chara dasha in the horoscope of Kejriwal which is also very good.

His dasha of Pieces  -Aries will start from 16-8-2015, Pieces is the 8th house from Lagna but is also Karkamsha Lagna and 10th house is not aspected by any planets , it is also the 12th Dasha from Darakarak and Amatya Karak and Dasha of Pieces and Aries is also 2/12 , Aries has good Rajyogas and also aspect of 5th Lord Jupiter  could save him, but has to work against all odds. It is well placed from Atamakarak. Hence Pieces Dasha starting from August 2015 to offer struggles and humiliations .  In Vimshotari his Jup-Venus period from 9-2-2016 could offer resistance , since Jupiter is 8th Lord from Lagna and also 8th from 10th house and is with 10th Lord  Venus, Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house the 8th from 10th house, but being a Benefic planet and placed in Lagna will also save him, Venus and Jupiter both are placed in the 12th house of the Dashamsha can also displace him or put him in dificult situations , since both aspected by Mars deblitated in the Dashaamsha chart who is also the 10th Lord of the dashaamsha chart.. As per my Calculations in Muhurat chart the period coincides  fro 23rd March 2016, Hence he has to be careful.

Let us see the Chart of AAP. The inception  of the Aam Admi Party was announced at 12:00 hrs  on 26th November 2012.New Delhi . Below  is the horoscope of Aam Aadmi Party . The  party’s vision is to fulfill the  dream of SWARAJ that Gandhiji had envisaged for a free India – where the power of governance and rights of democracy will be in the hands of the people .

                                                                        As per the chart of AAP the dasha in operation is of Venus-Saturn The dasha Lords  Venus and Saturn are  are forming a Rajyoga in the 10th house from Lagna and 7th from  Moon . The 10th Lord from Lagna and 10th lord from Moon are forming a Raj yoga with Yogkaraka Venus . As per rashi tula navamsha they are in the Lagna of the Rashi chart  but in Rahu-Ketu axis. Venus is also vargottam, in dashamsha they are in 2/12 axis but  both in the Saturn sign, hence this dasha till 8-11-2017  will be good, but after that Mercury although in a rajyoga is a fallen planet  and is the 6th lord of the Dashamsha and 6/8 axis with Venus may pose some hurclles .Hence from the above it is clear that Arvind Kejriwal will be a strong administrator but will face hurdles and bottlenecks.                                            

Jyotish Acharaya

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14th Feb. 2015 12-23 PM

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