Ardra Parvesh Chart 2011 and pattern of South-West monsoon in India

The south-west monsoon had shown a very exciting entry in Kerala on the 30thof May, 2011. According to the reports in the news papers the meteorological department has said that it is the first time that monsoon clouds traveled and passed Kerala and Tamil Nadu in just few hours. In my last write-up I predicted rain and dust storm in Delhi on the 29th and 30th of May 2011. There was heavy dust storm on the night of 29th of May but not the widespread rain we were expecting in the city. But on the 30thof May the first monsoon showers were touched the earth of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Moon on that day was in Aries with as many as four other planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus. It also rained in Kolkata, which is in east direction represented by Aries, on the evening of 30th May.

I have admitted that I am failing in my researches in directions but the dates are fine. Yet, at the risk of going wrong, I am writing this forecast on south-west monsoon pattern in India this year in 2011. First see this Ardra Parvesh Chart of 2011, which is cast at the time of Sun’s entry into Ardra asterism in Gemini rashi starting at 6 degrees and 40 minutes, and is analysis for the south-west monsoon in India.

The following  important points should be noted in the Ardra Parvesh Chart given above.

1.The Libra sign, which is an airy rashi with 25% of water content, is rising.The ascendant is hammed between the malefics Rahu and Saturn( both dry planets).

2.A benefic planet Jupiter, which is a watery planet favourable for rain, is aspecting the lagna.

3.Moon is in Aquarious rashi with 50% of water content.

4. The Taurus rashi, with 50% of water content, is rising in the navamsha with Moon placed in it is excellent for rain.

Now see the position of planets at the time of Ardra Parvesh in the Sapta Nadi Chakra.

                                                                   Sapta Nadi Chakra

                                                       22-June-2011, 16:06:07, Delhi 

 Prachhand          Saturn   Pawan     Sun   Dahan        Mars     Soumaya           Jupiter             Neera         Venus     Jala    Mercury   Amrit        Moon
  Fierce   Windy    Hot  weatherChange  Good Rain   Better     Rain Best Rain
      3     4      5       6        7        8        9
  Krittika    Mars  Rohini   Venus  Mrigsira  Ketu    Ardra    Sun Mercury  Punrvasu   Pushya Ashlesha
    16    15     14      13       12       11       10
 Vishakha   Swati  Chitra     Hasta            Saturn   U.Phalguni P.Phalguni  Magha
     17    18     19      20       21       22        23
 Anuradha   Jyeshta   Rahu   Mula   P.Ashada   U.Ashada   Abhijit   Sravan
      2     1     28      27       26       25       24
    Bharni  Ashvini   Jupiter  Revati  U.Bhadra pada P.Bhadra Pada       Moon Satabhisha Dhanishta

At the time of Ardra Parvesh Moon is in Poorva Bhadra Pada in Neera nadi which is very good for timely monsoon rains.

As many as five planets Mars, Venus, Ketu, Rahu and Jupiter are in “Yamya” nadi’s i.e. Prachand, Pawan and Dahan.So there will be intense heat all over India at the time of Ardra Parvesh, this is around 22 June, and possibility of torrential rain at some places in the west/south west direction is high. If we corroborate this Sapta Nadi Chakra with the Ardra Parvesh chart given above the following conclusion can be drawn.

(i) There will be above normal rain in west direction, as Jupiter a watery planet is placed there. So good rain can be expected in Gujarat, Rajasthan and western part of Madhya Pradesh, Sind, West Punjab in Pakistan and Multan. There is chances of flood in the month of July at some of these places.

(ii) The south west direction has as many as five planets in Ardra Parvesh chart. Mars, Venus, Ketu, Sun and Mercury there will give erratic monsoon for the places in this direction. Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra andWest  Coast will have good rain in the month of July but in August there will be less rain fall there. Lot’s of hailstorm andthunder showers with lightningcan be expected at these places in the month of July.

(iii) Places in the east Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and eastern Madhya Pradesh will have good rain as the aspect of Jupiter on the lagna suggest.

(iv) But the north east, the 2nd and third house in Ardra Parvesh chart, will experience erratic monsoon. There will be flash flood and land slides at some places as Rahu placed in the secondhouse with the aspect of Saturn and Mars on it is a combination of devestating rain.So  Bhutan, Assam, Meghalaya etc. states of  north east will experience natural calamities due to rain in the month of July.

(v) In the north direction which cover Delhi, Punjab, Harayan, Himachal Pardesh, U.P, Nepal, Uttrakhand and Part of Jammu and Kashmir there will be below normal rain.There is Capricorn rashi, a 100% watery rashi,placed in the north direction in Ardra Parvesh chart. But it’s lord Saturn is in Virgo a rashi with0% water content with is not good.In Navamsha Leo rashi with 0% water is placed in the 4th house north direction is also not good.

Month of July will give average rain in the north direction but in August there will be less rain at these places.

Now note down the following important dates for pre-monsoon and south west monsoon rain according to the principal of astro-meteorology.

1. On June 13, Mars will move into Taurus, a sign representing south direction, and Moon at that time will be in Libra (west direction).There will be heavy monsoon rain in Mumbai and some southern states Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pardesh. Saturn will also go direct in Virgo on June 13, so it will affect the monsoon positively  in south direction.

2. On June 14, Mercury will change rashi and come into Gemini sign.Moon at that time will be transiting into Scorpio ( north direction) in Anuradha nakshatra aspected by Venus. Delhi and some places in north India will experience  rain in the evening after 17:00:00 hrs.(Scorpio lagna will be rising at that time)

3. Two days after  the Lunar eclipse of 16thJune the Moon will moves into Capricorn which placed him in fifth from Saturn and in fourth (kendra) from Jupiter a classical combination of rain.There will be very good rain on the 18th and 19th of June in west and south direction.Pleasant weather and some relief from heat waves can be surely expected in Delhi and adjoining areas.

4. On the 23rd June, Moon will be in Pisces in Uttra Bhadrapada nakshatra. The placement of Moon in Seventh from Saturn, which is in Hasta Soumaya nadi, will bring rain in Delhi and some places in north India on 23rd or 24th of June.This will be the pre-monsoon rain only.

5.On June 29th ,Mercury will moves into Cancer rashi, a water sigh with100% water content, the second spell of pre-monsoon rain can be expected in Delhi and some places of north India.

6.On the July 1 ,the Moon will be in Ardra nakshatra  conjoined with Sun and Venus in Gemini rashi.The monsoon will be at the door step of Delhi with some light showers there.

7.On July 3rd, Moon will enter the Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer rashi.The conjunction of Moon and Mercury in this rashi, which represent north direction, will give wide spread rain in Delhi, Punjab, Harayan, Himachal Pardesh and U.P.This will be the entry of monsoon in northIndia with a bang.I am hoping rain in the evening of 3rd July after 16:00:00 hrs. in Delhi in the Scorpion lagna.

8.July 11, 2011 will be another day when there will be widespread rain in most parts of India particularly in north including Delhi. Moon will be in Scorpio ( Anuradha nakshatra) aspected by it’s lord Mars.

9. On July 16,2011 Mars will bring rain in most parts of India as it will moves into Mrigsira asterism. Moon on that day will be in Capricorn aspected by Mercury from the seventh and in Kendra from Jupiter in Aries. Do expect flood in west/south west direction on this day.

10. The heavy spell of rain continued from the July 16th ,will carry on till the end of the month. On the 20th of July it will be Mercury moving into Leo bring rain in Delhi and North India.

11.On the 24th of July, Venus moving into Cancer will bring rain in Delhi, north/north east direction of India.

12. On July 26,2011 Mars will moves into Gemini rashi and it will touch the lunar eclipse point bringing in heavy torrential rain in west/south west direction.

13. On July 30,2011 Moon will moves into Pushya joining Sun and Venus there. It will bring very good rain in Delhi and north India.

14. On August 3,2011 Mercury going retrograde will bring rain in most parts of India particularly in the south direction.

15. On the August 4, 2011 Mars will moves into Ardra nakshatra which will change the pattern of south west monsoon. It is a classical principal that Mars in Ardra nakshatra is not conducive for rain.Adding to the worry it will be in mutual opposition with Saturn placed in Virgo.So this will bring some dry spells in north India.

The summary of above analysis is that south west monsoon will reach Delhi and north India on the July 3rd.There will be average rain till July 15 as Mars will be in Rohini which is not conducive for rain.But after July 15,2011 there will be heavy rain all over the India particularly in west/ south west direction.We can expect floods and  hailstorms in Gujrat, Maharashatra and western coast from July 15 to July 30th 2011.

But after August 4.2011 when Mars moves into Ardra Nakshatra there will be change in the trend of rain.There will be less rain in Delhi, Punjab, Harayana, Himachal Pardesh and U.P. from August 4 to August 24 till Mars leave the Ardra Nakshatra.

Books Referred- 1. Applied Astrology by Shri K.N. Rao

2. Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology- M.S. Mehta and A. Radhika (Guide and Editor Shri K.N. Rao)

3. Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes- B.V. Raman

Sachin Malhotra

June 7,2011.


I started learning astrology at the age of 25 in year 2006 when I took admission in the Institute of Astrology Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.Since than I am passionately involve in the subject and now working as a web administrator of this web site as well as two other web site on the same subject. I have done Jyotisha Acharya (two year diploma course in Astrology) with Gold medal from Institute of Astrology Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and also participated in various researches in this subject. For Feedback mail at:

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