Lunar Eclipse 15/16 June,2011-Astrological analysis of it’s impacts on the world….

MUNDANE ASTROLOGY is that branch of knowledge which investigates into the events of the material world. Those events so far as they affect humanity in a particular state or nation are of utmost importance, as such it has to mean as state or National astrology. This field of study helps us in predicting general events like war, revolutions, earth-quakes, fire and such calamities. Celestial events indicative of territorial changes, formation of government,  Socio-political and environmental transformations etc.

 To study this area we need many tools (different horoscopes) as ECLIPSES horoscope. Eclipses play a great role in mundane astrology. The Influence will be experienced for six month before or after the appearance.  We will see a LUNAR eclipse on 16-06-2011 at 1.43.26am .This eclipse will be visible in the region covering South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Antarctica and the Atlantic, Indian and South-western Pacific Ocean.The eclipse is visible throughout India.(Courtesy-Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris 2011)

The eclipse chart cast at the time is given below…………….

 1.       This Lunar eclipse is in Pisces lagna and affecting the fourth and tenthhouses. Sun and moon both are in Gemini and Sagittarius   on 00.22 degree and Rahu/Ketu  both are in Taurus and Scorpio on 29.25 degree.

2.       In this horoscope  we observe that the 9thhouse is affected with Saturn, mars, Rahu and ketu and off course ECLIPSE.

3.       Fourth house  affected with Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Moon.

4.       Twelfth lord Saturn is in 7th house and making relation with 4house and 4 lord.

5.       Sixth lord sun is also making PAC relation with 4 house and 4 lord.

6.       Mars and mercury are making degree conjunction.

7.       Sun and Mars are making their Nakshatra exchange.

8.       Eight lord Venus is in third house in PAC with 9th lord Mars and in Rahu-Ketu axis.

9.       Taurus, Gemini, and Scorpio sign and 3rd,4th and 9th houses are affected.

10.   In D9 (Navamsa) also Aries and cancer sign and 3rd and 6th houses are affected.

11.   Taurus and Scorpio sign are affected with malefic planets in D1,D9, and in D30 also.

 ·         The eclipse is in first Dreskan of Gemini.

·         The eclipse is in Airy and Fire sign.

·         The sign of eclipse is expected by their lords.

 The result will be seen as :

1.       Not good for : railway, water transport, judiciary, new trade agreement, insurance sector, market, law and order, PNT department,  communication, religious place, religious GURU,

2.       Good for: tax system improvement, new public and government building, new hospitals, banking, good trading and educational institute.

3.       Sun and Mercury: new invention, intellectual progress, law in favor of public, bad in elections, problem in parliament, and dispute will be seen in politics.

4.       Moon and Mars: disease, unsatisfaction, riots, strike, fire incidents, calamities, dispute in

5.       Sun and Saturn: clashes and unsatisfaction in service and labour class, hurdle in country progress,   death in higher government class.

6.       Problem with other countries, peace agreement, political and police activities.

Now see this foundation chart of India for more in-depth analysis of the situation.

·         Air crash, political murder, king assassination, or more dethrone, movement of army, natural calamities.

·         Child death increasing.

·         Some treaty will be WRITEN again.

·         Western world will see some hard days.


·         Earth quake will be seen between 75 to 105 degree longitude in east.

·         On 13 to 15 July, 2011 planets will set something into motion at the places mention above which will have a long lasting impact.

·         WHEN eclipse falls in midnight with Rahu and moon some contagious disease spread out and sometime will seen as mass death.

·         It is the principal of mundane astrology that  If Jupiter is  moving fast (atichari) and Saturn is retrograde there will be problems in the world affairs as we have seen earlier this year in form of Arab revolutions.

(Rajesh Tomar)

June 12,2011


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