Rudramsha Chart and Pratyantara Dasha of Ketu : Enigmatic Period for India


Rudramsha Chart and Pratyantara Dasha of Ketu : Enigmatic Period for India

Posted on August 30, 2015 by anil aggarwala in Mundane AstrologyNational Politics

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Please refer to my article “Using Rudramsha in Present Scenerio ” link I am reproducing the Contents again here

The 11th house in the Chart is gains  and hence the Varga chart concerning is called the Labhamsha and also called the Rudramsha  as there are 11 Rudras and each sign is divided into 11 equal parts  of 2 degrees  43 minutes and 38 seconds  and in decimals 2.727. Counting Starts from Aries in the clockwise direction . No planet can be placed in Taurus  since the throne of Lord Shiva.

Rudhamasha is seen for unearned income, the gains for which no effort  or very little effort is required  like a lottery, inheritance, speculation, bribes,donations etc.

Rudra means tears and is the terrific form  of Lord Shiva, these gains can bring tears  also and show their terrific form . Labha is also greed , hence this varga chart shows the greed  and the results of the greed may not be a happy one . The important  parameters of this chart is the suddenness and the happenings , which are not expected.

This varga chart is also used to Predict  the natural calamities , like Earthquake , Terrorist attacks, using the Foundation chart of the Nation. This can also be used to predict wars as well .   Construction of the chart, counting starts from Aries and in anticlockwise direction, and hence no planet will be posited in the sign Taurus considered the Mount of Lord Shiv.

Here in this Article I am going to Analyse the situations arising at the time of India Independence using the Foundation chart of India of  the 15th August 1947  00-00-01 hrs.

Foundation chart of India  is below.





I have constructed in South Indian Style and the Lagna is Aquarius  having Rahu, Ketu, Mars  and Virgo the 8th house having the Lagna Lord Saturn and the 8th Lord Mercury in the 10th house .

Lagna  shows the  Losses and Gains of all types. When  Lagna and 8th house are afflicted , it causes sudden deaths, untoward happenings , losses, in dasha periods  of planets involved.  We are all aware of the happenings when there was division of the country and India got freedom on the 15th August  1947 and India was running the Dasha of  Sat-Sat-Ketu. Saturn is placed in the 8th house of D11 who is the Lagna Lord and Rahu-Ketu influencing the 1/7 axis.  We had the worst kind of riots and situation of anarchy in human history during that partition of India at that time . Although  S.N Rao and Pandit Hardev Sharma Joshi had given the best of Muhurat, but still due to the above Parameters there was a massacare. There is no denying the fact that Saturn being Yogkarka and its dasha then running ,India was set on pedestal of progress for 19 years after the masacare.

In the Present context India is running the Chidra dasha of Sun-Ven-Saturn till 29-6-2015 and then sub-sub-sub dasha of Mercury and Ketu. It has been observed that Dasha of Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Ketu has never been good  even in the past , I dont want to list down, since I have used this chart and found very good results  Venus is placed well in the Kendra is a saving, but Sun in the 10th from Saturn in the 8th house is again not good.


How this chart has to be used is a matter of Concern,  it is done by taking the Transit planets and super imposing the Transit planets on the Rudramsha charts as per Transit Rudramsha.  The Dasha of Sun-Venus-Ketu started from 19th August 2015 and is till 9th Sept. 2015 when the Dasha of Moon will come in operation . 

As mentioned above Ketu dasha has never been good for India since placed in the Lagna of the Rudramsha and with Rahu and Mars.  and Lagna Lord Saturn in the 8th house and 8th Lord Mercury in the 10th house. The Dasha starting from Saturn  Pratyantara Dasha to Ketu end will there be a period of war like situations in the country, Strikes, Terrorism, Roits . we have Seen the Worst of the period after 19th August 2015 specially the Gujrat  known for the Tensions .


Now Read this —-Events in Gujarat Have Pained the Nation, Says PM in ‘Mann ki Baat’ link At the time of partition and Independence the Dasha was Sat-Sat-Ketu the Blood Shed.. At the time  all events connected to disasters it has been observed that Ketu plays an important role  in the disasters of high magnitude.

In my Article “Saturn Stationary in Transit: What it Foretells’  link I have already mentioned that Transit Saturn was Stationary over natal ketu at very close degrees and the same navamsha is most crucial for the country till Saturn crosses the 6.40 degrees on the 28th Sept. 2015 and More so the Retrogression degrees of Saturn on the 14th March 2015 of 10.56 degrees upto 8th Nov. 2015. Hence A Period till 9th Sept. will be most Crucial for untoward happenings and around the Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015 . I have already written in all my articles that Terrorism, Natural , Unnatural, War like situations with neighboring countries, Terrorisn with in the country and  from out side by Espoinage cannot be ruled out .

Bihar Elections are also on the cards .

Moon Dasha and all Planets aspecting the 9th house and from the 3rd house will be a focus on the significations of these houses. I need not eloborate what these houses signify as mentioned in all my articles  specially the house of Law, Courts, Justice, Embassies, Diplomats, Foreign Travel,Temples, Religon are  prone to Agitations and Terrorism  Moon- Mars Dasha as mentioned by me will still be worst . Ketu dasha will never give any thing with out agitation, Strikes, untoward happenings . Hence All Demands by different sectors will go on hunger strike, Terrorism, Roits to achieve their Targets till specially till 28th Sept. 2015

Now as per Natal Rudramsha

Out come of New ventures to be seen of Dasha with respect to 10th Lord  Mars , Ketu sub sub dasha Lord is ill placed and afflicts the 10th Lord Mars inn Lagna  and Saturn the Lagna Lord in in 6/8 axis . Hence N Modi may not be able to achieve the results expected in the Present Scenerio and encircled with Problems from all directions . The Situations will become tense when Rahu-Ketu become Poison on the dates   from 1st to 6th Sept.then 15th to 21st Sept. 2015 and then 25th Sept. to 29th Sept. 2015.  An article for the Eclipse has been written separately ” Financial Stagnation is also on the cards and for this also i have written a number of Articles on my webpage

Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015: Enigma of Mars Igniting Eclipse Point”  dated 17th July 2015 link

 Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 30th August 2015 14-00 hrs 

Disclaimer : Astrological analysis and any decisions taken by any person or corporate will be doing at his own risk. The writer is not responsible in any respect thereof

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