Is Hardik Patel spearheading an anti-reservation movement ?


Is Hardik Patel spearheading an anti-reservation movement ?

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The irony of what appears to be a very affluent community Patels gathering in the thousands demanding reservations has left most of us on the outside scratching our heads.

It’s interesting to really listen to what Hardik Patel, the twenty-two year-old who seems to be spearheading the agitation has to say.

“Either the government grants us reservation or discontinues the entire concept of reservation. These is no other option.”

The Firstpost says

Our focus has been largely on the first half of his statement trying to fathom why such a well-to-do community should be demanding reservation. But it is really the second half of his “either-or” statement that is likely to catch fire.

In the name of demanding reservations is Hardik Patel really spearheading an anti-reservation movement?

What he has said is that he’s OK with reservations as long as they are linked to economic status not caste. This is an idea that finds great resonance in modern India where many feel the job pie has not grown the way the reservation pool has.

That sentiment comes through clearly from Haribhai Patel who came to the Mahakranti rally. He tells the Indian Express:

“My son did diploma in engineering, but couldn’t get a good job. He now runs his own shop but the earning is not good enough. Had I belonged to OBC category, things would have been different.”

And then the clincher.

“I believe that the time has come to give reservation on the basis of economic condition rather than caste.”

Focusing on the Patels’ affluence, their diamond and textile businesses and farmlands, misreads the reality of that resentment which is not related to what they have but what they feel their children are shut out from.

Hardik Patel in his address to the rally says that Nitish Kumar in Bihar is “one of us” as is Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh. He is appealing to a larger brotherhood of Patidars which he claims is really 27 crore.

The agitation started from Mehsana on 6th  July 2015. The demonstration was held in Mansa on 22 July 2015.  The demonstration in Visnagar on 23rd July 2015 turned violent when some agitators torched some vehicles and vandalised office of  Bhartiya Janta Party MLA, Rishikesh Patel. The demonstrations were held in Vijapur on 28th  July followed by in Mehsana. The police booked 152 persons for violating prohibitory orders for holding the demonstration. The demonstrations were held in Lunavada on 30th  July 2015

The people of India’s Patidar community, seeking other backward class (OBC) status, held public demonstrations across the Indian state of Gujrat The Largest demonstration was held in Ahmedabad on August 25th  and was attended by thousands. Later, there were incidents of violence and arson across the state resulting in curfew in several  Cities and  Towns. The state returned to normalcy by 28th  August 2015. 

I will be using the Date and time available for all the events connected to the agitation by Hardik Patel in this article as per Classics of Prashna Jyotish.   As per Amar Ajula the Date of Birth of Hardik Patel is 20th July 1993  time around 10-00 hrs .with  Leo Lagna  and Sagitarius Navamsha and  with Sun and Moon in Cancer sign . Since there is no authentication of his birth details , I will concentrate to the events and using Moon Moon sign lord and the Nakshatra  lord  relating to the outcome of the Hardik Patel outcome  for the Reservations.

As mentioned above the First agitation started on the 6th July 2015. Let us see the planetary positions which lead the Rally and Arson on the said date.

Since the time of the Agitation is not available, I will use the  Panchang Parameters ,Moon , Moon Sign Lord and nakshatra Lord on the 6th July 2015 along with other planets to see what could emerge out of the Planetary Positions  from the chart below .

UntitledFirst Agitation

Panchang of the Day

Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon

Tithi KP – 5

Nakshatra  Shatbisha

Yoga Ayushman

Karna Taitila

Dagdha Signs Gemini and Virgo Mars , Sun and Rahu acquire a special dimension and become most malefic since in the Dagdha Signs , where as the 8th house affliction is increased from Moon

Moon is placed in the 11th sign Aquarius  of the natural Zodiac in the nakshatra of  Shatbisha  . All acts relating to movement are good on Monday and this nakshatra since a Char Chala Nakshatra . The Acts include Horse riding  Riding of vehicles , Journeys  Etc.  May not be very good for  their Motive for Reservations since need a Fixed Nakshatra. More over the nakshatra Lord  Rahu is Placed in the 8th from Moon and aspected closely By Mars  who is the Lord of 8th house from Rahu. See the degrees of Rahu 10.23 and Mars is 13.43. Mars is also with 8th Lord Mercury from Moon  and Mercury has just changed sign to Gemini on the 5th July 2015 , hence acquires a special dimension and hence when joins Virgo will be a sensitive time from 23rd August to 29th Oct 2015. Mars Joining Virgo could also be a sensative Parameter after 3rd Nov. 2015 and near 20th Nov. 2015 Since then Mars will beover Rahu at same degrees and same navamsha in Transit. Now the Next Agitation started in Ahmedabad on the 25th August 2015 when Mercury was with Rahu.

There are 2 Planets which acquire a special dimension apart from Rahu, Mars and Sun, are Venus and Mercury who have  Just changed signs  and Venus is also in Gandantha and  placed in the 7th house from Moon, From Moon in Aquarius Venus is a Yogkarka and in Gandantha . Venus Significations will suffer during his agitation, Since as Per the Birth chart also Venus is with Ketu in the Taurus Sign in the 10th house. .

Mercury the 8th Lord from Moon and the Dispositor of Rahu is in Dagdha Sign and hence both the 8th from Moon and the Lord are badly afflicted . Hence the Longevity of the Agitation will also suffer. In the birth Chart Mercury is Fallen in the 11th house of Gemini

The dispositor of Moon is Saturn Retrograde at 4.46 degrees   and aspecting the 7th from Moon where Venus is Placed , . There is also inimical ithhasala of Venus and Saturn , hence when Saturn and Venus will be at the same degrees of 4.43 after Saturn will be direct  and Venus in Leo will be crucial  . On the 1st Oct. Venus will reach the Same degrees in Leo and ingress from Cancer to Leo and will be aspected by Saturn  at exact degrees on the 11th Oct. 2015. Hardik Patel will have repeated Agitations and  3 in number which will be crucial till Saturn crosses the Retrogression mark of 10.56 degrees on the 8th Nov. 2015

Saturn aspecting the 7th from Moon and activated Venus, Mercury and Jupiter at exact degrees aspect on the 6th August 2015 in Stationary motion, Hence till Saturn is in the same Navamsha of Leo will be most crucial till 28th Sept. 2015 when there will be Lunar Eclipse also. Saturn and Mars return Aspect and almost exact aspect on the 28th Sept. 2015 will be a crucial Parameter along with Lumanaries  affliction .. The Eclipse will be in the 2/8 axis of Moon.

As Per the Birth details The Moon sign for Hardik Patel is Cancer and at the time of the 1st agitation the Muhurat Moon is Placed in the 8th from Natal Moon is indicative of Failure of the event and there will be Arson, Roits , Agitations and damage to the Properties movable and immovable including loss of lives , there will be no success in his achievements, Specially when Rahu is in Forward motion  from 1st to 6th Sept., then 15th  to 22nd and then 25th to 29th Sept. 2015. , 6th Oct. to 11th Oct. 21st to 26th Oct. 2015, 4th Nov. to 9th Nov and 18th to 22nd Nov. 2015 are crucial dates but Primarily till 29th Oct. 2015 when Mercury will change sign to Libra.

Let us also study the chart of the 25th August 2015 Mehsana. Patel quota: Hardik Patel leads thousands at Kranti rally in Gujarat demanding reservation The Planetary positions on the 22nd July the day of Demonstration   are amazing, Moon on the 6th July was in Rahu nakshatra and on the 22nd July 2015 with Rahu and Rahu in Adverse motion  from 21st to 25th July 2015,  Hence Both the Events are connected adversely  and not good fro Fructification of the mission. There will Violent happenings  Since Rahu is aspected closely by Mars and when Mars Transits over Virgo, it will also aspect the Eclipse Point of the Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015. Demostrations were also held in Vijapur on the 28th July when Moon was  in Debilitation in Scorpio with Saturn . From the above it is clear that what events took Place for the Demonstations and Agitations they were with Adverse Planetary positions and Moon afflicted    and  in Rahu, Nakshatra or with Rahu and in Debilitation and with Retrograde Saturn. .

 By News Desk on August 25, 2015 at 10:43 AM
Hardik Patel  was released shortly after detention at 10.25 Pm on the 25th August 2015
 I Remember Anna Hazare Starting his mission with Arvind Kejriwal  with Similair Moon afflictions and My Predictions came 100% True and Anna Hazare failed Miserably .
Let us see the Planetary positions on the 25th August 2015
The Planetary Positions are no better and worst since Moon in the Moola Nakshatra and supposed to be the worst nakshatra for any good cause movement . It is a Ferocious and Bitter nakshatra and is used for Killing.. Hence Hardik Patel will also land himself in similiar situations as Anna Hazare 

Day is Tuesday and the Day lord is in Debilitation in the 10th house with Fallen Lagna Lord  in Retrogression is most malefic Parameter in the muhurat chart.  Day Lord Mars is placed in the 2nd yama of Gemini and the Lord is placed in the 12th house with Rahu is most malefic since  Mercury entered Virgo on the 23rd August 2015  when Rahu was in Forward Motion and Pioson , hence Hardik Patel can be arrested  and Left since on 25th August 2015 the day of Arrest Rahu was in normal motion . Since the Day Lord and the Lagnesh both are afflicted badly, the Agitation will end in Arson , Roits,loss to movable and imovable assets and even loss of lives  .

Now read this Hardik Patel released after brief detention; tension in Gujarat – See more at:

Tithi is SP-10

Nakshatra Moola Most malefic nakshatra for any good cause and is Ugra and Teekshan Nakshatra and used for killing and  as it is a Ferocious and Bitter nakshatra . Ketu is also placed in the 6th house and the Dispositor Jupiter is totally Combusted .

Karna  Gara and the Lord is totally combusted and not connected to the 10th house of the Lagnesh, rather it is also the dispositor of Moon and the 10th Lord , hence the total act will end up in Roits, arson and damage to properties and no gain.Hence Karya siddhi will not take place properly and Violent happening will take place ..

Moon is placed in Sagitarius and the dispositor is totally combusted. 8th Lord Venus and Lagna Lord from Lagna is Placed in the 8th house from Moon  Fallen  , in retrogression and with Debilitated Mars , hence the Longevity also suffers . Lagnesh and the 8th Lord both are weak with Day Lord although connected to the 10th house of Karma and shows all malefic Karmas of the native .  From the Natal moon the Muhurat moon is placed in the 6/8 axis.

Lagna is also having malefic on the either side hence the Lagna is in Paap Kartari yoga  as well. Lagna is also in the nakshatra of  Rahu in the 12th house of Jail with 12th lord Mercury, hence every possibility that Hardik Patel may be arrested total 3 times  till 29th Oct. 2015 and more so when Mercury also becomes Retrograde on the 17th Sept. 2015

Navamsha  is Sagitarius and aspected by Combusted Lord will not be able to Protect the Lagna and will be  controlled By Sun who is strong in the Muhurat chart and the Navamsha as well, Hence from the above it is clear that even if Hardik Patel may get  a fame , he will not be able to achieve his targets and and Land in problems at a latter date . it is also obvious that when ever he would again start for his mission it will end up in Arson, Violent happenings, Roits, Damage to Public Property and loss of lives as well  .

Uday Lagna in Paap Kartari yoga, Arudha Lagna Aries Prishtodayo, Chaitra Rashi  Scorpio,has Saturn is Most malefic  and hence there will be no achievements for his mission and specially when Mars aspects this sign when ingresses in Leo after 15th Sept. 2015 and  will be crucial when Mars Joins Scorpio on the 20th Feb 2016   and falling back in Libra after ingressing in Scorpio will be Crucial for the Movement. Mars Transit the Sign of Scorpio for 211 days after 20th Feb 2016 will be crucial for Hardik Patel as well .Most Violent Happenings , Roits,Damage to Public Property . Hardik Patel can be arrested then also . 

In all the  muhurats and dates above  Moon has been in a Malefic Nakshatra  and placed with weak strength. Hardik Patel  may be successful in Roits, Arson damage to Movabale and immovable Property ,but  may not be successful in his mission  for his mission for Reservations . He will create tense situations in the country .

Timing of the events

Navamsha Lord is Jupiter and in the 3rd navamsha hence after 3 months the timing of the results. 25th Nov. 2015  

Navamsha Lord of moon is Venus when transits the Lagna then the results of the Muhurat  and hence after 30th Nov. 2015

When Moon goes in the Lagna on the 17th Sept. 2015 .

28th Sept. 2015  Lunar Eclipse is crucial for the Malefic happenings and mission for Hardik Patel

Mars Transit in the Lagna after 24th Dec. 2015 

20th -22nd Feb 2016 when Mars goes in the Scorpio sign which is the Chaitra Sign and signifying most malefic happenings. Mars Transit in this sign for 211 days will be crucial.

Apart from the above I have mentioned the Dates Of Rahu in Forward motion most critical for the Mission

in a nurt shell the movement may take a very serious dimension there will be no achievements and only Roits, Arson Damage to properties using the Young Students  since Jupiter Karka for Children is  totally combusted . Hardik Patel will be totally out to enter into  Terrorism to achieve his mission .

Hardik Patel is only spearheading his mission with Cruelity and Terrorism  and becoming Famous

Talking about the horoscope in circulation with  Leo lagna ,  The Kendras have malefics and 10th Lord Venus is afflicted and has Kendra adipati dosh even if he gains fame it will be short lived , 4th house has Rahu and aspected by Mars and Saturn.  Transit of Mars and Saturn ove rRahu on the 20-22 nd Feb 2016 will be crucial for hardik Patel. Venus afflicted in all the Charts the birth Chart, and the  Muhurat charts with placement of Muhurta Moon from the natal Moon . Mercury the 2nd and 11th Lord of the Chart is Fallen  and in Transit Mercury will be in Virgo till 29th Oct with Rahu ill placed in all the Charts . Mars and Saturn in the 1/7 axis and in transit the 2 having return aspect in Transit after 15th Sept. 2015 and conjunction on the 20th Feb 2016  will activate the natal planets and Hardik will be more aggressive towards achieving his target with fair or Foul means and may get trapped . There will be tuff fight with the Govt. and still may not achieve what he aspires. His approach is like a Terrorist and Not Pious hence may not achieve his Target .

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  4th Sept. 2015  22 15 hrs 

Disclaimer : The above is the outcome of the Planetary positions and not my Personal Opinion. the writer does not hols himself responsible for any aspect arising out of the Predictions .




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