Analysing the Role of Major Planets For the Present and Near Future


Analysing the Role of Major Planets For the Present and Near Future

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This is with Reference to my various articles written on my webpage for the Present  and Future  Planetary Positions .

In this Article I have tried to analyse and compare the placement of the major planets in the India Foundation chart at the time of the 3 wars on the 8th April 1965, 3rd Dec. 1971 and 3rd May 1999 with Pakistan and the Planetary positions in the Present and Future transit . I have also taken into consideration the  Eclipses in the coming Months and My Research of the Affliction to the 8th house/Lord, Navamsha Lord and Navamsha sign  of India Independence Chart.

I have found the Following Parameters which are most sensitive according to the Dates mentioned below.

  1. Affliction to Sagitarius , Libra and Taurus including the Lords of the signs Jupiter and Venus is a matter of Concern . The basic parameter is the  8th house/Lord/Navamsha sign of the 8th Lord and the Lords of these Signs for India . In the present Scenerio Venus is Fallen and is in conjunction with  Debilitated Mars till 15th Sept. 2015. There was degree conjunction of Mars and Venus on the 1st Sept. 2015. Venus will be stationary on the 6th Sept. 2015 when it will become Direct and join back Jupiter in Leo and then aspected by Saturn . Saturn had already activated   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in very close on the 6th August 2015 in Stationary motion is a Crucial Parameter till Saturn is in Leo Navamsha till 28th Sept. 2015 for Untoward happenings with dimension.
  2. Leo, Aquarius affliction in Transit have been special parameters for war with Pakistan  . unfortunately, Saturn aspects the Leo sign and Saturn is in Leo Navamsha and Sun joined the Leo navamsha on the 31st August and remain there till 4th Sept. 2015. Saturn remains in this Navamsha till 28th Sept. 2015 as explained above . Jupiter 8th Lord will join the  Leo Navamsha  on the 15th Sept. 2015 when Mars will also ingress in Leo . Mars will remain in this sign till 3rd Nov. 2015. Mars Transit in the 3rd, 5th, 7th , 9th Navamsha will be crucial , since these signs are supposed to be malefic for India Independence chart. This Parameter is most Crucial in the Present Transit and Pakistan aggressively  taking a stand on the Boarder issues and making Provocative Speeches . India should take it seriously.
  3. Saturn Became Retrograde on the 14th March 2015 at 10.56 degrees and will cross this Degree on the 8th Nov. 2015 is also Crucial  and planets in the chart at 10.56 degrees and the 4th Navamsha will be influenced . Saturn then will be over the the sign of Jupiter in the 6th house of the foundation chart.
  4. Rahu Ketu adverse Motions in the month Sept, Oct and Nov.2015 are crucial  specially in Sept and Oct. around the Eclipses and 40 days plus and minus from 28th Sept. 2015 the day of Lunar Eclipse.
  5. Rahu-Ketu changing Navamsha on the 19th Oct. 2015. On this Date Moon,Ketu and Venus all in Leo and Rahu in Aquarius.
  6. As mentioned above Mars in Libra ia also not good since the sign of the 8th Lord Jupiter. On the 19th Oct. 2015 when Rahu and Ketu change navamsha Sun, Mars,Jupiter in Libra Navamsha , 21st to 26th  Oct. 2015 Rahu will also be in Forward motion. Rahu will ingress in Leo on the 9th Jan 2016 and will be in Degree conjunction with Jupiter on this date  .
  7. Mars activating the Eclipse Point at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th Sept. 2015 will be crucial
  8. Mars transit in Libra on the 24th Dec. 2015 till 20th Feb. 2016 will be crucial. Mars transit in Scorpio for 211 days and falling back in Libra as a fallen Planet will be worst again and again in Retrogression  bad for malefic happenings specially when Mars will be stationary in Libra on the 30-6-2016Mars and Saturn in Scorpio over natal Ketu in the 7th house will be worst after 20th Feb. 2016., since the 7th house of Wars.
  9. Eclipse in the Month of March 2016 and Mars Activating the Eclipse point again and again will be worst for the Globe as well
  10. War Like situations with Neighbors, Economic Stagnation are the main Constituents of the planetary Positions  mentioned above. Arounfd the Eclipse time as per the dates mentioned there is every possibility that Pakistan may take a foolish Step and suffer the consequences, but can l also damage the Country Assets . Pakistan has this combination in the 8th house and every possibility of mass happening in their country due to Terrorism and Coup of the Govt.and The Present Prime Minister may have to step down.
  11. Moon affliction in Transit will sprout the events . Hence Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn, in Debilitation and with Rahu-Ketu will be the days of the events. As already I have mentioned that there can surface a  strong Earth quake  as mentioned in my articles on this website, specially when there is exchange of Nakshatra of moon and Mercury and the date is availble on the website in my articles  and need not mention here .
  12. Moon dasha starting from 10th Sept. 2015 will focus all attention of the govt on the Travel by Rail, Air, Communication, Boarder issues, Matters concerning the Educational Institutions, Courts, Embassies, Justice, Religion  will be the main Focus in the dasha of Moon . there will also be some achievements in respect to Space. and Communications. the dates mentioned above are prone to Terrorism, Pakistan Aggression, Earthquake specially when Earthy signs 2,6,10 are afflicted and influened by Rahu-ketu, mars and Saturn in Rashi or navamsha Transit. The worst Parameter is the Saturn and Mars over the natal Ketu of India in the 7th house and the 8th house of Pakistan after 20th Feb. 2016. In Navamsha they will be in Samsaptak Position and Mars in Debilitation and Saturn in own house.
  13. The Eclipse of the 9th March 2016 in the nakshatra of Jupiter P Bhadra  will be sensative for Economic Stagnation, in fact from the lunar Eclipse of the 28th Sept. 2015 the Economy will take a hit and worst after the March 2016 Eclipse. Mars will activate the Eclipse point againand again since will become Retrograde and aspect the Eclipse  giving Strong untoward happenings  regarding the significations of  Mars aspecting Ketu and Benefics .
  14. Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  3rd Sept. 2015 16-00 hrs.
  15. Disclaimer : These are only Planetary analysis and not my personal opinion and not connected to any person or any Corporate and if any one is affected , it will be purely on his own conception . the writer of the article does not holsd him self responsible thereof. 
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