The Astrological analysis of Mars-Saturn’s mutual aspect in transit-Will it bring political disturbances and natural calamities in India & the world……………………..

In mundane astrology the conjunction and opposition of planets are studied very carefully.In  similar way the mutual aspect between two planets also have great importance in mundane astrology.At present MARS and SATURN are in mutual aspect in transit and in India we are amids of the period of great socio-political transformation.

The present transit of  MARS ,who was eclipsed in the Taurus sign  in the Lunar eclipse on the 16th Jun 2011 , has shifted in the Gemini sign on the 25th July 2011. MARS is over natal  MARS  in the India Independence chart, in the 9thhouse over KETU  of the Hindu New Moon chart , In RAHU- KETU axis in the Ingress of Sun in Cancer sign chart, In the solar ingress of Sun in Leo it is in the 9th house and having return aspect of SATURN from the 12th house.  In the NEW MOON chart on the 29thAUG 2011 08:34 hrs New Delhi SATURN is in the Lagna and MARS in the 10th house as the 8thLord . Both are having return aspect at very close degrees  SATURN is 20 degrees and 51 minutes and MARS  22 degrees and 50 minutes . In the  Hindu New Moon Chart on the 3rd Apr 2011  , there are 5 planets in the 6th house . Saturn aspecting these 5 planets from the 12th house. In D9 the Sun and Moon are in Lagna in Sagitarius and are aspected by both MARS and SATURN. The Lagna Lord Jupiter is Deblitated. This clearly shows TERRORIST  ACTIVITY from the neighbours and Malefic  plans  , which have already occured on the 13th Jul 2011. There could be activities of this kind again .                                                                                 See all the relevant charts  given below in order………………..

Before we talk of the analysis current scenario, in the light of above given astrological data, let me tell you that this transiting   MARS is having exact degree aspect on the 25thAUG 2011 with SATURN.  Mars will be in the PUNARVASU Nakshatra in the first charan and Saturn will be in the 4thcharan in the HASTE nakshatra . According to the astrological classics if two planets, when in mutual aspect, aspecting each other are in 1st and 4th charan than they will give stronger result of their mutual aspect.In RASHI SANGATTA CHAKRA  they will be influencing each other , even on the 29th AUGUST 2011.

In NAKSHATRA  SANGATTA  CHAKRA  they will be influencing each other from the 4th AUGUST to 24thAUGUST 2011. Not good at all  . Mercury the depositor of both Saturn and Mars will become retrograde on the  3rd august  2011 and then moves over the GANDANTA point and goes direct on 26 August. Mercury Retrogades of this year have not been easy and this one continues in that fashion. We need to be conscious of the difficult transit as it will spoil communication, increase stress and act as a trigger to minor issues becoming magnified.  It will be in FALLEN stage on the 16thAUGUST 2011. The aspect of Saturn and Mars at exact degrees is not good at all specially when the above parameters are there more over from Punarvasu the Haste is the 7thnakshatra . India  will be running the dahsa of Sun- Rahu- Sun till 6thAug 2011 in its foundation chart which is given above and then Sun – Rahu- Moon till  3rdSept 2011   . there after Sun-Rahu- Mars till 22nd Sept 2011   . This period will be most crucial period for India    . The 10th Lord MERCURY is Fallen   . The 10th house has MARS who is the 8th lord  and has return aspect of  SATURN who is the 5th and 6th Lord  . In the Hindu New Moon Chart  3rd Apr 2011 also  Mars and Saturn are aspecting each other . The dispositor of Both Mars and Saturn is Mercury also fallen , both are in dual rashis. Moon is at  19 degrees 28 minutes exact degrees of Saturn 19 degrees  53 minutes                                                                                                                                                                          RESULTS  EXPECTED  are MARS and  SATURN in DUAL  RASHIS  and degrees aspects and adverse  aspects in the different chakras.  MAJOR CHANGES , POLITICAL DISTURBANCES, EARTH QUAKE ,VALCANOS  ACCIDENTS . As per KOORMA CHAKRA , Mars is in Ardra nakshatra  East direction, Saturn is in Haste nakshatra is South , Rahu is in West  and Ketu is in Central direction , These 4 planets are throwing malefic influence  in the chart. In CHANDRA  KANAL  CHAKRA , the placement of the the  Nakshatras  Ardra, Punarvasu, Haste are on the trishool tips , Malefic effect. I have used this chakra also as a research.

MOST  CRITICAL DATES    4TH AUGUST 2011     24th AUGUST to 29th AUGUST  3rd Sept 2011. to 10th Sept. 2011


About the influence of MARS and SATURN   MY  ANALYSIS  is  MARS significations  Army, police, disputes, accidents, war. Hence  Aggression ,, Military activities,accidents, Violent incidents,, explosions will occur during the dates given. Since MERCURY is fallen  in the Hindu New Moon chart  of 3rd Apr 2011 and on the 29th Aug 2011 New Moon chart , MERCURY  significations are Mass media, journeys, ambassadors, industries, business people, Stock Market.There will be breakdown in COMMUNICATION, and disruption in SOFTWARE INDUSTRY. There could be slow down, down fall in the financial market.

SATURN significations Democracy, agriculture, old people, mines, coal, crops, earth. There could be EXPLOSIONS in coal mines . VENUS is combusted  from 11th Jul to 22 Sept. 2011 VENUS changes sign on the 4th Oct. 2011 and goes in its own MT sign ,During this transit VENUS will be transiting in the 4 Rashis ,  Significations of VENUS  Artists, marriages, births, sex, luxuries.which may contribute in SICKNESS of  CELEBRITIES since Venus is the Lagna Lord of India independence chart and Hindu New Moon chart on the 3rd Apr 2011, HEAD of the STATES, women specially and down fall .  There could  be PLANE CRASHES during this period as VENUS is Karka for Airlines . The GOOD part is Venus is Lagna Lord of the India Independence Chart  and also Lagna Lord of the Hindu New Moon chart on the 3rd Apr 2011 and is VARGOTTAM  in this chart, hence there may be dence clouds for the Govt. and political affairs but the clouds may not give rain ,  and  situations of Political transformations may aggravate to highest  level  till 22nd Sept 2011. .

Middle east countries , once again  will be in political uprise. On 30th Aug JUPITER will become RETROGRADE . In Sept 2011 the planetary positions again not good . MARS will become debilitated on 9th Sept and VENUS who has suffered combustion will become debilitated on the 10th Sept 2011. Heavy industries may face slow down. I believe that AMERICA, KOREA, ISRAEL , MIDDLE EAST countries will face problems.

Some interesting parameters which i have found. On the 13th Jul 2011 the day of Bombay Blasts, From 11th July 2011   11:00 am onwards   MOON,MARS, RAHU and KETU  malefic in KOTA CHAKRA    MOON   KOTA SWAMI and RAHU KOTA PAL   Moon goes worst on the 12th Jul at 10.00 am to 13th Jul 2011 9 am  and is bad till 14th Jul  9.00 am .. Again Moon will be worst on the 2, 3 Aug 2011 till 10 PM.   Again worst on the 14th and 15th aug 2011   22nd to 24th Aug 2011 till 17:20 hrs bad . Rahu in any case is worst the KOTA PAL , hence getting equations of the other chakras also in KOTA CHAKRA .

Anil Aggarwala


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