Analysis by Daily Progression Yearly Horoscope (DPYH) for India and Mundane Astrology


Here I am taking up the VEDIC PROGRESSION Method for the Prediction for India on the  Independence chart . This is based on Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi Granthas and so called Pitra Jatakam.  Before I predict, let me explain the basic method. This has been taught to me by My Teacher AstroGuru Mr. S. GANESH. I salute him. DPYH — Daily Progression Year Horoscope.                                                                                                                                                                        Definition of Time Time is defined as the linear progression of the state of being, divided into various cycles and sub-cycles. The utility of some of these cycles, or progressions, can be studied in detail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Progressions of Time for Human Beings– One year of human life is the equivalent of 1 day of the gods – Manu Smriti  so called  Pitra Jatakam.                                 The Sun’s movement demarcates the movement of time.   In the course of his regular transit the Sun moves through twelve signs of the zodiac in one year, andthus one sign of the zodiac in one month, and one degree per day.  A year is thus defined as a Samvatsara, or the time taken for the Sun to transit 360 zodiacal degrees. The Sun’s movement at 1 degree per day is equivalent to 1 year of time, based on the above principle from Manu Smriti.. This principle is the basis of all progression and dashas systems in Vedic astrology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Sun’s movement at this rate to the end of the first Nakshatra Paryaya indicates the end of life for human beings. The year 120 (the full life span of humans) is reached at one degree per year progression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here we will be discussing about the application of Daily Progression Yearly Horoscope (DPYH) in Mundane Astrology. Interested readers can also apply this technique in their own chart as  it is equally very good when used  in Horary.

Secondary progressions Also called A-day-for-a-year progression , Major progression and Secondary direction. This progression involves moving the natal chart forward one day for each completed year of a person’s life.  So for example, a person born on May 2, 1984 would have a progressed chart for May 2, 2009 drawn up based on the position of the planets on May 27, 1984 (i.e. 25 days for 25 years). The patterns formed 25 days after the person’s birth are considered to be symbolic of the person’s 26th year of life, and indicate potential tendencies and trends for the year.   Secondary progressions are considered by the majority of astrologers to be the most important form of progression.

Let us take up the India Independence Chart and analyse it on the  15th Aug. 2011. Now since India has completed 64 years of independence , according to the above Secondary Progression method adding 64 days for 64 years to make the Progression chart, the date thus arrived is 18th Oct. 1947 00:01 hrs.                     THIS CHART WILL BE MADE FOR THE 65TH YEAR RUNNING.

In this progression chart we have to concentrate on the LAGNA , MOON , KARKAS and all prediction to be done from MOON only and all houses to be seen from Moon only in DPYH . We have to see the position of Various planets of D1 in the DPYH chart.

The following are the observations in this DPYH on 18th Oct. 2011 00:01 hrs  New Delhi

1. Lagna is 6 degrees 41 minutes Pushya nakshatra and very close to Mrityubhag which is 6 degrees 53 minutes and 20 seconds. The nakshatra Lord is Saturn and is placed in Lagna and is afflicted by Deblitated Mars.     ——Negative  . The Lagna shows the General condition of the country . indicative of malefic influence on the country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2.  MOON, MARS and SUN 3 planets DEBLITATED in DPYH Chart . —- Strong Negative Since  LAGNA has a DEBLITATED Planet and LAGNA LORD Moon is also DEBLITATED. SUN the 4th Lord of D1 and the 10th Lord from Moon in DPYH is also Deblitated.                                                             Let us study the significations of these planets , their lordships in D1 and Lordships from Moon in DPYH .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3. SUN is significator of Persons in Power, Kings, PrimeMinister, Heads of State, Big commercial establishments,, Persons holding big political  Power , Ruling Political parties Temples, Religious places etc.. Sun is also the 4th Lord of D1 and in DPYH is the 10th Lord from Moon and is placed in the 12th House from Moon with the 12th Lord Venus and the 8th Lord from Moon Mercury. Sun is totally afflicted and in Mrityu Bhag. The 4th Lord Saturn  from Moon is also afflicted in DPYH  . The 4th house  significations are Home ministry, Earthquakes , Valcanoic  erruptions, Stock Exchange, Ambassadors, Diplomats from foreign country, can have a malefic influence.  The 10th Lord of D1 Saturn and the 10th Lord from Moon Sun in DPYH are both afflicted   by Deblitated Mars who is the 7th and the 12th Lord of D1. This is indicative of  malefic influence on the Kings, Head of States, PrimeMinister,Head of big political parties, Head of the Big OrganisationsParliment, Lawlessnes. TRANSIT SATURN will be transitting over Natal   Jupiter the 8th and the 11th Lord   and over Sun in DPYH. Transit Saturn will also be in Mrityu Bhag , over Sun in Mrityu bhag  from 15th Nov 2011 10:12 hrs onwards and since a slow planet will influence it all the more . It will be at exact degrees on the 21st Nov 2011 over Sun. If we superimpose the Planets of DPYH on the natal chart Saturn is at exact degrees over   Sun . Sun natal is 27 .59 and DPYH Saturn is 27.32 . Sun along with Mercury and Venus Lagna lord of D1 will be in the 6th house over 8th and 11th Lord Jupiter. The Ruling party may fail and there may be total uncertainity in the Political field .The significations of Sun may suffer .   Sun is also the MD of the Dasha running in the India Independence Chart  . 4. Moon is significator of People in General or Common man and especially the Women, matters of public interest and public opinion, Water Transport,Travel Agencies, Nursing Profession , Seaports , Ships,Oceans,etc. Moon being allficted and placed with Jupiter the 2nd and 5th Lord from Moon who is the 8th and 11th lord of D1. Jupiter is also  in Vish Ghati and in Rahu-Ketu axis. Although the Jupiter has good ownership in DPYH, it is in Vishghati and in Rahu- Ketu axis.If we take the positive view there may me good politicians coming in the Govt. The Lok Pal bill will gain importance and will be influencing the nation the complete year.  When Moon is afflicted , it indicates important changes are going to take place which may produce extremely bad results for the Country. A Time of major calamities  like War, Earthquake ,change in the Ruling party and controversies. Moon  has major role as it serves the purpose of igniting the events. The planets  influencing Moon decide the good or evil. Here the Moon is being influenced by Jupiter and Ketu.  This is again not good, since Jupiter is also afflicted closely in Rahu- Ketu axis-.There may be a mixture of events happening good and bad. Moon is the 3rd Lord of D1  . It has come in the 7th house of the D1 as per the DPYH chart .   It is debilitated and is the Lord of the Lagna rising in DPYH. The neighbours will influence the nation as a whole . The neighbours are Pakistan, China , Bangladesh etc.  The Result of the same is clearly visible .                                                                                                   Superimposing Moon on the D1 chart , it will be over Natal Ketu along with  DPYH  Jupiter who is at exact Degrees of Ketu   . Ketu natal is 5.44 degrees and DPYH Jupiter is 5.34 Degrees . 8th and 11th Lord of D1  Jupiter over Natal Ketu. Jupiter is also the AD and PD of the Dasha of India Independence chart. Jupiter DPYH is also in Vish Ghati  . Moon is the Lagna Lord is Deblitated , who is also the 3rd lord of D1 and has come in the 7th house of D1 as per DPYH and influencing the Lagna.———Third house signifies Railways, postal, Telegraphs,communication, Internet, Media Newspapers and Neighbours .All these parameters will be influencing the country for a complete year. The Lord is weak and has become the Lagna.  Malefic effects will be experienced regarding the same. Results are self explainatory.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5. Mars is significator of   Armed Forces,Naval and Air commands,Police, Engineers, . It is a Planet of War and Strife and represents violence in every form including Fires, Explosions,and Armed Conflicts. It also represents Accidents,Murders,Abduction,, Rape, Infiltration,Militancy,Proxy War, Terrorism of all forms, Air and Train Crashes.Earthquakes epidemics etc.                                                                            Mars is Deblitated and placed in the Lagna of DPYH and is the 7th and the 12th lord of D1 , It is influencing the Lagna of the Running year,  the Lagna of the DPYH. This is indicative of the influence of the 7th house and the 12th  house Lord on the Lagna.   7th house  is International Affairs, Secret Agents,Relation with other Countries, Antisocial elements influencing the Nation, Immorality in the nation . Since the Lord is Deblitated and in the Lagna the nation will be influenced by the ill effects of the same.  12th house is Espionage, Secret plots, Military, Hospitals, Assassinations, Loot, Rapes, Sedition,Jail for politicians. The spies are active. The foreign powers try to influence the country.   Mars as per DPYH is placed in the 3rd house of the D1, showing terrorist activities. If we superimpose Mars of DPYH on the natal chart D1 then it is on the 3rd house and near Mercury degrees and the 5 Planets . Placed there. Saturn and Deblitated mars are influencing the 3rd house  the  3rd Lord Moon and 4 other planets, showing a serious concern regarding the malefic activities of the neighbours . 6. SATURN The 10th Lord of D1 Saturn and the 10th Lord from Moon Sun in DPYH are both afflicted   by Deblitated Mars who is the 7th and the 12th Lord of D1. This is indicative of  malefic influence on the Kings, Head of States, PrimeMinister,Head of big political parties, Head of the Big OrganisationsParliment, Lawlessnes. . Saturn is influencing the Lagna of DPYH and is afflicted by Deblitated Mars. Saturn is the 9th and the 10th Lord of D1 and is the 3rd and the 4th Lord o . Indicating the influence of the neighbours the General people of the country and the Law in the current year.  . There will be bad influence because of this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    7.  Jupiter is in Rahu-Ketu axis and with Deblitated Moon the Lagna Lord of DPYH who is also the 3rd Lord of D1. Jupiter is in Vish Ghati and in close degrees with Rahu- Ketu   . Jupiter is the 8th and the 11th Lord of D1. Hence the Legislation of LokPal Bill may find difficulty in achieving success . Influence on Jupiter will decide the result of the Evil or Good    . Here it is Bad and the dispositor is also Mars.Ketu is also not good here .                —-Bad for the country  If we superimpose Jupiter of DPYH on the D1 natal chart it has gone in the 7th house over Ketu at exact degrees  Jupiter is 5 .34 and  natal Ketu is 5.44 degrees . The 8th and the 11th Lord of D1 influencing the Lagna, showing concern for the Lokpalbill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             8. Venus The Lagna Lord of D1 is placed in the 12th house from Moon and aspected by Deblitated Mars from Lagna  in DPYH.Venus is also influenced by Deblitated Sun and the 11th and 8th Lord Mercury from Moon , who is just out of the vishghati. If we superimpose DPYH  Venus he has gone in the 6th house where 8th and the 11th Lord Jupiter is placed, indicating as explained above . The Lagna of DPYH is afflicted badly and the Lagna Lord of D1 is also afflicted badly. This implies that the General condition of the country, health, nation as a whole  malefic influence., General character,, national domestic conditions, national objectives may have a  malefic influence. The Lagna is the most important house of the chart , it being afflicted and in a bad condition is indicative of trouble for the country as a whole along with the Rulers  Lagna is also the cabinet, it is also indicative of shuffle and change of portfolios among the Ministers. There can be a tragic event as well for the same . 9. Mercury is the 2nd and the 5th lord of D1 and is placed in the 12th house with the 12th Lord Venus from Moon and is influenced by 2 Deblitated Planets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10. Rahu-Ketu both in 00degrees 31 minutes.In  DPYH  not considered very good at these degrees.  From the above it is indicative that the year starting from 15th Aug 2011 is not at alla good  one, I would rather say it is a year of political uncertainities, ups and downsand full of tragic events. Specially when India will also be running the dasha of  SUN-JUP-JUP from 27th Sept 2011 and this Sun – Jup will change to Sun- Saturn in 15th Jul 2012 The Dasha Lords are not having condusive results as explained above .

SUN the MD is the 10th Lord from MOON in the DPYH chart and is debilitated and aspected by Debilitated MARS . SUN in the 12th house from MOON and is placed with 7th Lord and 12th Lord Venus along with Mercury who is the 8th and 11th lord from Moon. SUN is totally AFFLICTED showing concern for the Legislation and the black money 4th house affairs , SUN as per DPYH is the 6th house of the natal chart where the Jupiter 8th and 11th Lord is placed . The 10th Lord SATURN of the natal chart is also afflicted in the DPYH by Debilitated MARS .  Both 10th Lords of the natal and the DPYH are together in Lagna and afflicting each other .  Here it shows a serious concern for the 4th house , 10th house, 5th house , 8th house and the 11th house. From this it is obvious of the present movement of Anna for the Legislation for LokPal Bill. Also CANCER sign is afflicted and having Debilitated MARS and SATURN.    RESULT   shows Accidents, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods , Land Slides and Fire accidents. Since the year  started on the 15th August 2011, we will be taking the events after this date . The above  is indicative of things  taking a aggravating situations, like the Lokpal Bill Legislation and other events as explained above . The general condition of the country will not be good at all till the completion of the year . The bill may not be passed as per the conditions of the Annas Team.

JUPITER is at exact Lagna degrees of the natal chart . Jupiter is at 5 degrees 34 minutes and Lagna natal is 5 degrees 44 minutes . Regarding KETU transit Please read my detailed article — Entry of KETU in Rohini Nakshatra and its Possible effects on India……….

Mundane Astrology

Again showing a serious concern

11. RAHU is placed in the 7th house from MOON in DPYH , and is in the nakshatra of SUN. We have already explained above about SUN which is totally afflicted . RAHU is also over RAHU , if we superimpose it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          12. Transit of Planets currently .MARS is running over the DPYH Mars in Lagna , We have already seen the ill effects of the Mars . .From 30th Oct 2011 Mars will be transitting in the 4th house of D1 and the 10th house from Moon in the DPYH and shall be aspecting the Deblitated Moontill 22nd June 2012 . This Period will be most crucial for the country as explained above .                                                                                                                                                            16. Transit SATURN will come in the 4th house of D1 and over the 4th Lord in DPYH and the 12th house from Moon. Saturn will be in Mrityu Bhag on the 15th /16th Nov 2011 and will be at exact degrees on Sun in the DPYH chart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               13. Transit Rahu- Ketu are over Rahu- Ketu in the DPYH and also over the D1 Chart Ketu is over Rahu and Rahu over Ketu. This period also can be most crucial for the Political parties and the Strong Heads including the PrimeMinister and the Home ministry.

Now India is running the Dasha of SUN-RAHU-MARS till 23rd SEPT. 2011.

From the above it is crystal clear about the events which have happened till date and were totally in accordance with  the above observations  and my predictions in the various articles Link —-The Astrological analysis of Mars-Saturn’s … – Mundane Astrology using the Mundane method.

Anna’s Health…….. And future of Jan LokPal … – Mundane Astrology

LokPal Bill movement could face difficulties, Accidents, Earthquakes , , Landslides, Terrorist activities could take place . There could be problems to the Head of the States, Head of the Political Parties, Head of the country, Head of big Organisations in General.

The next Dasha is of SUN-JUP till 11/07/2012, and then SUN- SATURN clearly shows aggravation in regard to Legislation for the Annas LokPal Bill and the Black Money and the above activities as explained above. JUPITER in the 8th and the 11th lord of D1, it is afflicted in the DPYH in the 5th house  in Scorpio. It is in close degres with KETU with in 5 degrees. . The 8th and the 11th Lord from Lagna of DPYH  SATURN  and VENUS respectively are also afflicted.SATURN the 8th Lord is  placed in Lagna of DPYH. The 8th and 11th Lord from MOON is MERCURY and is also afflicted in the 12th house from MOON, indicating even in the Dasha of SUN- JUP there may not be any relief . In Transit SATURN  and JUPITER will be in the mutual aspect from the 14th NOV 2011. JUPITER is the 8th and the 11th Lord of the D1 and SATURN is the 7th and 8th Lord of DPYH and also the 3rd and 4th Lord from  Moon  of DPYH, not indicative of positive happenings

TRANSITS of the planets on the Dates 7th SEPT. 2011 Bomb Blast and Earthquake and 18th SEPT. 2011 for the Earthquake in Sikkam

7th SEPT. 2011  BOMB BLAST AND EARTHQUAKE The Dasha was SUN-RAHU-MARS. MD SUN was in the 4th house of the natal chart with VENUS and MERCURY. Afflicted as per the DPYH and also with VENUS and MERCURY there . Afflicted Planets in DPYH causing a concern in TRANSIT also. The MD SUN is in PAC with these planets, we have already explained above its affliction and debilitation in DPYH .

KETU is placed over RAHU .

AD RAHU is placed over KETU in the natal chart and also in the DPYH chart, activating the 1/7 axis from Lagna in the natal chart and also in the DPYH along with Deb. MOON of the DPYH.

PD MARS , whos is afflicted badly in DPYH and is afflicting the 4th Lord Sun of natal chart who is also debilitated in DPYH, is placed in the 12th house from MOON in DPYH and is placed in the 8th house from DPYH MOON and over MARS in the natal chart , MARS is also influencing the 2nd and the 3rd house from DPYH MOON.  Hence Terrorist activities Earthquakes Accidents . MARS and SATURN were also afflicting each other in transit as they are also afflicted in the Lagna of DPYH .

In TRANSIT JUPITER was in exact degrees of MARS of DPYH 16 degrees 13 minutes and was also Retrograde and in the house of MARS.

MARS was in the near degrees of SATURN in Lagna of DPYH. MARS was 28 degrees and 36 minutes and DPYH SATURN is 27 degrees and 32 minutes. Hence the Terrorist activities , Earth Quake, Land slides,Fire Accidents etc. took place.

18th SEPT. 2011 18 :10 hrs EARTHQUAKE – My finding on the above and the DYPH . The horoscope is of Cancer Lagna 6 degrees and 38 minutes Nakshatra is Pushya .  Pushya will be in the Mrityu Bhag at 6 degrees 53 minutes and 20 seconds very close to Asc. degrees difference of 15 minutes . The Lagna is having Mars and Saturn . Transit Mars is Debilitated and and over the Mars of the DPYH chart and over the the Mrityu Bhag Lord Saturn . Extremely Bad . Mars will be in Vish Ghati at 7 Degrees 46 minutes 40 seconds to 8 degrees 40 minutes in cancer MARS will be in MRITYU BHAG 6 degrees 53 minutes 20 seconds on the 20th SEPT 2011 after 19:10 hrs Bad .  At the time of the Earthquake yesterday in Sikkam ,Mars was over the Progressed chart Mars at 5 degrees 38 minutes difference of only 1 degree from the Asc degree . Lagna is East direction .  Also the Sun shifted in Virgo and was in Vish ghati at the time of the Earth quake Sun was 1 degree 14 minutes and is in Vish Ghati from 0 degree 40 minutes to 1 degree 33 minutes 20 seconds in Virgo. There are 3 planets debilitated in the DPYH Mars, Moon and Sun.  The Lagna Lord, the 10th and the 5th Lord the 2nd lord . Mars is aspecting Sun Debilitated in the 4th house .

Transit Rahu over Ketu and Ketu over Rahu as per DPYH . Jupiter the 8th and the 11th Lord of the D1 of India is in the 5th house of DPYH and at exact Lagna degrees of the D1.Therefore there could be Earthquakes , Valcanos, Accidents, Mars is afflicting the Watery sign, Hence water related havocs etc. from the 20th Sept to 23rd Sept till Mars crosses these degrees .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Another very Important Transit is the  of MARS in LEO from the 30th OCT.2011 to 22nd JUNE 2012. This is the 4th house of the D1 and the 2nd house of DPYH and MARS will be in the 10th House from MOON of DPYH , MARS is the 6th Lord and MOON sign Lord of the DPYH . MARS is the 7th and the 12th Lord of D1 chart, again showing aggravation of problems pertaining to the 10 the house  4th house 12th house and Lagna, for which I have already discussed here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Conclusion- From the above it is evident that the year beginning from the 15th Aug 2011 to 15th Aug 2012 will be Topsy and Terby and horrifying as well. The basic reason is the LAGNA LORD Debilitated and a Debilitated planet placed in the LAGNA. LAGNA near MRITYU BHAG. Malefics in LAGNA and influencing the 12th house from MOON. Since Mars is Deblitated in the Lagna  Strikes, Roits,Military activity, Accidents, Fire,Murders , Theft and Anarchy  are indicated .The 10th Lord of D1 afflicted in the DPYH  SATURN , the 10th lord of DPYH  MARS afflicted, the 10th house from Moon is  SUN is afflicted and deblitated in DPYH shows concern for the 10th House significations in mundane astrology.   We can put it here in clear words . Problems to the King,Chief Executive of the nation,Prime Minister, nation Honour and the Employment situations may become bad . Since the 12th house from Moon in DPYH is afflicted and also the 12th Lord of D1 is afflicted here, it brings Crime, Spying,Terrorism, Earthquake( Cancer sign is also afflicted in DPYH) trouble in Prisons and Hospitals, since SUN is also afflicted here  not favourable for Bureaucracy. India will be running the Dasha of SUN-JUP-JUP from the 23rd Sept 2011 to  11/7/2012. Analysis I have already explained above. Point to be noted are MARS will be in  in the MRITYU BHAG and VISH GHATI  between the 16th 20th OCT and then on the 8th NOV 2011 . It will be in VISH GHATI on the 12 and the 13th NOV 2011 .  SUN will be in MRITYU BHAG on the 3rd OCT 2011.  There will be sufferings because of Significations of SUN, MOON and MARS  as explained above .. MARS is the 12th and 7th Lord of the natal chart , 10th Lord  and 5th Lord of DPYH , 6th and MOON sign Lord of DPYH.  JUPITER  on the 1st and 2nd OCT.2011 will be in MRITYU BHAG . JUPITER will be in the 6th House from MOON and in 10th house from Lagna of DPYH and in the 12th house of the natal chart,  showing unpleasant things coming forth  .God Bless us all.


ASTRO GURU    Mr. S. GANESH   for teaching me this technique. My sincere Thanks to him .

Anil Aggarwala

September 22, 2011

SCHOOLING - DPS Mathura road New Delhi. ENGINEERING BSc. Production Engg. - Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh - year 1971. EXPERIENCE- M/S Escorts Ltd MSD FBD , Joint Venture MUL - DGM . ENGG. PROJECTS Training- Suzuki Motor Corpn. JAPAN, Daweoo Int. Corpn. KOREA - year Dec 1986-1987. BUISNESS - Automobiles- year 1987. ASTROLOGY -. Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Institute of Astrology New Delhi -Year Jan 2007. Jyotish Alankar , Jyotish Acharaya .. ASTROLOGY RESEARCH Guidance Shri K.N.Rao,. ARTICLES-- JOURNAL OF ASTROLOGY Feb. 2012 -- 1. ASTRO EXPERIENCES 2. Vol 9 article no. 170 Amazing Astro Experiences and Prashna . 3. Article Saturns Transit in Vishaka Nakshatra : What it Fortells In the All India Federation of Astrologers Societies Research Journal July -Sept. 2014 Page 27. 4. FIXING AUSPICIOUS DATE AND TIME FOR C-SECTION DELIVERY Explanations through a Case-study by Anil Aggarwala will appear in the Sept. 2014 issue in StarTeller Magzine RESEARCH Marriage, Prashna Triangle, Transit of Malefics over 8th house/lord / Navamsha . Timing of events AWARDS- Saroj Memorial Award for Excellent Research - Astrology year -2012 Premonitions- childhood.. ASTROLOGERS influenced most - Pundit Hardev Sharma Trivedi. Narayan Pandit Delhi , Pandit S.Ganesh . Astrology is Science, Art., Shakun, Intution and Logic . Astrology is a Language of the mother nature , understanding important., Results in good Karma. Life -Like a cow tied to pole.Has path defined - circular motion 360 degrees. Cannot alter it , Rope has Elasticity .Stretchbility factor desiphered by Astrology .Quality and Strength of Rope -Our Past Karmas. Astrology explains well.. Nature guides- We ignore- suffer. We follow - success ASTROLOGY SYSTEMS I follow -Parashar ,Prashna,Jaimini and Nadi Predictive.. .Mundane Astrology my Interest.

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