Imran Khan- An Astro Portrait of famous Cricketer turn Politician from Pakistan…….

Imran Khan is a Pakistani Politician and a former Cricketer who played for his country from 1971 to 1992 and served as it’s captain intermittently through 1982-1992. At the age of  39, Khan led his teammates to Pakistan’s first and only World Cup victory in 1992.  He has a record of 3807 runs and 362 wickets in Test Cricket , making him one of eight world cricketers to have achieved an All-rounder”s Triple’ in Test matches.On 14 July 2010, Khan was inducted into the  ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

I got the horoscope of this famous Pakistani from the native of his country who is following our web site since last few months. Given below the series of his comments in which he gave me the birth details of this great Cricking hero of my childhood days.

2011/08/14 at 8:33 pm

“I would really appreciate if u will analyze Imran Khan birth chart and tell us will he be prime minister of Pakistan this is accurate birth data of him confirmed by various Pakistani astrologers on TV 05-Oct-1952 11:45 am Lahore Pakistan. I know this current time is bad 4 Pakistan but many astrologers say that from 2012 onwards there will be prosperity 4 Pakistan. what do u think. Looking forward for ur analysis. Thanx”

2011/08/29 at 4:42 pm

I have provided u with Imran Khan birth data and I hope to hear from u soon about his prospects in politics and his chances of becoming next PM of Pakistan. Also I would appreciate if u look at progress of country of Pakistan around 2013-14. Thax

2011/09/02 at 8:26 am

the email ID I am using is correct. sorry for that mistake.
Lahore directions are(verified from various sources are): 31N32,74E22.
Thanx a lot”

Given below is the chart that is cast on the basis of above birth details………….

Balance of Ketu Dasha- O Year 05Months 10 Days

Dasha at Birth- Ketu-Mercury-Mars

Imran Khan was born to Shaukat Khanum (Mother)  and Ikramullah Khan Niazi (Father), a civil engineer, in Lahore .  Khan grew up in an upper middle-class Niazi Pathan family with four sisters and a brother called Nas Khan also known as Cohen Kahn. Imran Khan was born as the youngest kid in his family. The eleventh lord Venus in his chart is in own Nakshatra  showing that native could be either the first or the last child of his parents.

Also notice the strong ninth lord Sun’s placement in the birth chart and in Dwadamsha (D-12). Cast Dwadamsha and you will find that Sun is exalted there as ninth lord and Jupiter is aspecting the house of father i.e. ninth house. It is clearly explaining the status of the father of Imran Khan in the Pakistani society of that time when there were only two classes of people either rich or poor. The middle class doesn’t existed at that time and Imran was lucky to be  born with the golden spoon.

Venus Dasha ( from March 1953 to March 1973)

Imran grew up in Lahore and was educated at Aitchison College, the Cathedral School, in Lahore. His parents placed great emphasis on education and ensured that Imran received the best. He attended the Royal Grammar School in Worcester and then went on to Keble College, Oxford. Mahadasha of Venus in Vimshottari gave him luxurious life and excellent education which was not very commen in those days in the sub-continent. Venus is aspecting the fifth house in both the birth chart and the navamsha.  Also notice the lord of  fourth and fifth house from Venus is Saturn which is placed in the twelfth house from it along with twelfth lord Mercury showing his education in abroad.

As the year 1971 approached, he made his test debut while Pakistani team was visiting England. During this tour, he was fined many times by the management because he was
looked upon by his peers as being a very snobby and wild player. Also on this
tour, Imran did not play as well. Because of his “not so good” bowling, Pakistan
was costed to settle for a draw. This was the only test match on the tour. This was in the dasha of Venus/Mercury (March 1969 to January 1972) . For career in sports there should be a P.A.C link between 3-6-10-11 houses/lords with malefic playing there parts. In Imran’s chart it is present and anterdasha of  tenth lord Mercury, which is Vargottama in navamsha, gave him chance to represent his country at the age of just 19.

Imran’s  maternal cousins Javed Burki, and Majid Khan were a great part of cricket therefore when he made his test debut people thought that he made it because his family was on the Pakistan’s Cricket Team. See the affliction on the anterdasha lord Mercury by hard malefics like Saturn and Sun. This was the reason for his lackluster debut in test cricket which was followed by the allegation of nepotism as well.

In 1972, he enrolled to study Philosophy , Politics  and Economics  at Keble Collage Oxford,  where he graduated with a second class  degree in Politics and a third  in Economics. The fifth house, in the birth chart of Imran Khan, is under the influence of  Jupiter, Moon and Venus which gave his studies in humanities.

Sun (March 1973 to March 1979)

In 1974 Pakistan toured England and Imran Khan was selected because of his form for Oxford University and his experience with speaking English. But he  could  not succeeded to make a big mark because all three of his tests were drawn. It was during Sun/Rahu (May 1974 to April 1975) period in Vimshottari. Sun is excellently placed in the tenth house of birth chart and Rahu is in second house with it’s depositor Saturn in the tenth house. But in Dashamsha (D-10) Sun and Rahu are mutually in 6/8 position which didn’t gave him the good success.

In Sun/Saturn (January 1976 to January 1977) he cemented his placed in the Pakistani Cricket team by some good show of fast bowling during Test series played against New Zealand and Australia. Both Sun and Saturn are well placed in the tenth house of birth chart. In Dashamsha they are in 3/11 position mutually and moreover anterdasha lord Saturn is conjoined with Mercury which is the lord of tenth in Dashamsha.

Moon Dasha ( March 1979 to March 1989)

The dasha of eighth lord has to bring a change major change in his  life. Since the eighth lord Moon is in the fifth house, which is eighth from the tenth house of career, this change has to be related with his career. He signed for a rebel Cricket Series, which was not approved by the ICC ( International Cricket Council ), during the begining of this Moon dasha. Imran Played for Kerry Packer World Series Cricket  in 1978-79 season. But since Moon was very strongly placed in navamsha and dashamsha it bring the glory period in his career. He was made the Captain of Pakistan Cricket team in 1982 during Moon/Jupiter (from februay 1982 to June 1983) Vimshottari dasha. Anterdasha lord Jupiter is in excellent “Gaja Kesari Yoga” with Moon in the fifth house under the benefic aspect of Venus from eleventh house. Moon and Jupiter are also in very good mutual position in Dashamsha.

Also in the same period as a fast bowler, Khan reached the peak of his powers in 1982. In 9 Tests  he got 62 wickets at 13.29 each, the lowest average of any bowler in Test history with at least 50 wickets in a calendar year.

This was the golden period of his Test Career as he put up a highly acknowledged performance in a home series against the formidable Indian  team by taking 40 wickets in six Tests at an average of 13.95. By the end of this series in 1982-83, Khan had taken 88 wickets in 13 Test matches over a period of one year as captain. All this happen during the Moon/Jupiter period in Vimshottari.

Than came Moon/Saturn ( June 1983 to January 1985) period which is generally considered bad and in the chart of Imran these two dasha lords where mutually in 6/8 position. In Dashamsha too Moon and Saturn are in 6/8 position mutually. This adverse dasha consequently gave him a stress fracture in his shin that kept him out of cricket for more than two years. An experimental treatment funded by the Pakistani government helped him recover by the end of 1984 and he made a successful comeback to international cricket in the latter part of the 1984-85 season during the  Moon/Mercury ( January 1985 to June 1986) period. Mercury the Vargottama tenth lord stage his come back.

However in 1984, Imran’s mother, Shaukat Khanum was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. Cancer was known to be a rich man’s disease in Pakistan. Meaning that only well off people could afford to travel abroad and receive the proper life saving treatment. In-spite of flying to England for treatment in 1984, she passed away the following year in acute pain. His painful experience with cancer led his dream to build the first cancer hospital in Pakistan in honor of his mother. All this happened during the anterdasha’s of Saturn and Mercury in the mahadasha of Moon which is the karaka for mother. Both Saturn and Mercury are in the tenth house which is the seventh house from the fourth the house signifying mother. His mother passed away in the anterdasha of Mercury which is in the eighth house of Dwadamsha afflieted by the aspect of Mars while mahadasha lord Moon is the lord of eighth house there confirming the death of his mother by an uncurable disease.

In 1987, Khan led Pakistan to its first ever Test series win in India, which was followed by Pakistan’s first series victory in England the same year. India and Pakistan co-hosted the 1987 World Cup, but both giants of sub-continent Cricket failed to go beyond the semi-finals. Khan retired from international cricket at the end of the World Cup at the peak of his career. In 1988, he was asked to return to the captaincy by the President of Pakistan, General Zia-Ul-Haq , and on 18 January 1988 , he announced his decision to rejoin the team.  Soon after returning to the captaincy, Khan led Pakistan to another winning tour in the West Indies, which he has recounted as “the last time I really bowled well”. He was declared Man of the Series against West Indies in 1988 when he took 23 wickets in 3 tests. All these events happened in Moon/Venus (January 1987 to September 1988) in Vimshottari. Moon and Venus are very well placed along with 5/11 axis of the birth chart. But in Navamsha and Dashamsha they are mutually 6/8 axis giving obstacles along with glories as Venus is exalted in the Dashamsha chart……………..

During the  80′s Imran was not only at his cricketing peak, but had quite a few relations with women. He had a relationship with Susannah Costantine, ex-model Marie Helving, and artist Emma Sargeant. Some of his relations ended simply because of difference in culture and because of the busy and travelling life of Imran. He was into lime light and one of the most famous Pakistani in all these years due to his flamboyant style of playing Cricket and his play boy image outside the ground.

Now here I am quoting from an old article of my teacher Shri K.N. Rao ,  ” No News Can Be Good News” published on his web site “Journal of Astrology. com”  on August 27, 2007, to make it clear the point of Imran’s make over from a shy boy in the teenage to play boy in his 30′s.

“In the good old days when Imran Khan played cricket, no one called him handsome. In fact, Imran himself had stated in an interview that his elder sister often referred to him as an ugly duckling. He transformed into a swan when an Australian women’s magazine published his photo and described him as the sexiest cricketer of the world. Since then, Imran has been in demand with eligible, aristocratic English girls. One ill-informed English girl actually decided to enhance her eligibility by assuming the name Sita. But she did not know that, for Imran, neither Lord Rama nor his consort Sita are objects of worship.”

Moon the planet of romance and tender relationship is placed in his fifth house along with lagna lord Jupiter. Additionally Moon is aspected by Venus from the seventh house which is the Karakafor relationships and love affairs.In navamsha Moon is in own sign under the aspect of lagna lord Mars. He had all these secret affairs during this dasha due to the eighth lordship of Moon in the birth chart. Mars strongly placed in the lagan in close degrees gave him youthful and energetic personality which attracted opposite sex towards him.

Mars Dasha (March 1989 to March 1996)

The dasha of Mars, which is strongly placed in the ascendant of birth chart, navamsha anddashamsha, proved the most glorious period of his cricketing career. In Mars/Saturn (August 1991 to September 1992) dasha he led Pakistan to victory in 1992 Cricket World Cup in Australia. At the age of 39 he scored the highest runs among Pakistani batsman’s and also took the  winning last  wicket of England. I was 12 years of age when saw this glorious moment on my television set like many fans from the sub-continent. Imran Khan retired from the all forms of Cricket after this world cup victory but his legacy of  fast bowling and reverse swing was continued by the likes of Wasim Akram, Waquar Younis and Akibe Javed who were groomed like many other youngsters under his astute leadership.  The anterdasha lord Saturn is along strongly placed in the tenth house along with Sun and Mercury who are forming a “Raj Yoga” in the birth chart. Mahadasha lord Mars is also the twelfth lord of retirement which came after he reached at the peak of his career and achieved the ultimate triumph as the captain of his team.

On May 16, 1995 he married with his girl friend  Jemima Goldsmith, a convert to Islam, in an Islamic ceremony in Paris. It was in Mars/Sun (April 1995 to August 1995)  period in Vimshottari. Mars is the fifth lord aspecting the seventh house and Sun is with the seventh lord Mercury. In navamsha Mars is the lagan lord and Sun is the fifth lord confirming this love marriage.

Imran Khan, through worldwide fundraising, has help establish the Shaukat  Khanum Memorial  Cancer  Hospital &  Research Centre a charitable  hospital with 75 percent free care, opened in Lahore on 29 December 1994.

Rahu Dasha (March 1996 to March 2014)

Vimshottari dasha of  Rahu in the second house bring him into lot’s of financial activities. Right after retiring from professional cricket, he started a campaign to raise money in order to establish the first ever state of the art charity cancer hospital and research center in Pakistan.   In April 1996, Khan founded and became the chairman of a political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf  (Movement for Justice). He also won election and became  Member of the Parliament (MNA) from the Mianwali district from 2002 – 2007. Imran Khan is also the Challenclor of the University of Bradford United Kingdom . He helped in founding the “Narmal Collage” which is  is located at Rikhi  in District Mianwali, Punjab  Pakistan. The college was inaugurated by Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, on 27 April, 2008.

He is running with his Rahu dasha in Vimshottari dasha. Rahu is placed in the second house and it’s depository is Saturn which is not only karaka for Politics but also signifies hospitals and social work.  Saturn’s placement in the tenth house along with ninth lord ( Charity ) Sun and tenth lord (Institution building) Mercury is the reason for his establishing a political party and a hospital. The tenth house from Rahu, the dasha lord, has Venus strongly aspected by Jupiter and Moon showing his inclination towards social work during this period.

His first Son, Sulaimn Isa was born on November 18, 1996 in this Rahu/Rahu period.The planet Rahu’s depositor Saturn is along with ninth lord Sun and in Saptamsha it is aspected by ninth lord Sun there justifying it.

His second Son Kasim was born on April 10, 1999 in Rahu/Jupiter (November 1998 to April 2001) .The Jupiter is Karaka for child birth and placed in the fifth house of birth chart. In Saptamsha Jupiter is the lord of  lagna aspecting the fifth house making it more clear.

But the placement of Rahu in the second house, which is the eighth from the seventh house, was bad for his marital relationship. Because of the malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn on his seventh house he was married late at the age of 42 and adding to the misery the separation came soon on June 22, 2004 in Rahu/Mercury (February 204 to September 2006)  period. The anterdasha lord Mercury is the lord of seventh house under double affliction by malefics  Saturn and Sun. In Navamsha both Rahu and Mercury are in the sixth house.

In November 2009 Khan underwent emergency surgery at Lahore’s Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, he is also a Chancellor of this hospital founded by him,  to remove an obstruction in his small intestine. This was during Rahu/Venus (October 2007 to October 2010). Venus is the lord of sixth house in the birth chart and is aspected by the eighth lord Moon. In Trimshamsha Rahu is placed in the eighth house and Venus is hemmed between malefics.

What is future in Political Career???

Imran Khan is into national politics after retiring from International Cricket in 1992. In the early years of his political career he and his party Pakistan  Tehreek- e- Insaaf(PTI) was not taken much seriously. But his  political popularity is rising quickly in Pakistan and although the party has only one seat in 2002 elections and kept out of elections in 2008, resulting in no representation in Parliament, Imran Khan is considered as one of the four major political leaders in Pakistan, especially by mainstream media (others being Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain). His most significant political work was towards bringing awareness towards the lack of  Justice in Pakistan.

The next general elections will be held in early 2013 in Pakistan and Imran will face a tough task considering the fact that his political party had to compete with stalwarts from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League and if reports are true Pakistan’s former military ruler General Pervez  Musharraf has also announced his return on March 23, 2012 despite the threat of his arrest.

If we go through the chart of Imran Khan he has the strong influence of Saturn on his fourth and tenth house giving him  mass support but according to the most of the political thinker this mass following is because of his celebrity status as the most successful cricketer of the Pakistan not because of his political credentials. As we know to succeed in career in Politics one must have strong “Raj Yogas’ of  Parashara and Jaimini in his chart, strong fourth and fifth houses/lords with their favourable dashas, Matrikaraka (Mk) of Jaimini strongly placed in the chart and many more astrological factors to considered with.  Now to find if he has any chances to become the “Prime Minister of Pakistan” analysis the following points carefully.

1. Saturn, the karaka for democracy and elections, is strongly placed in the tenth house along with ninth lord Sun and tenth lord Mercury who are forming a good Parashari Raj Yoga.

2. There is also an excellent Jaimini Raj Yoga formed by Atmakaraka Mercury and Darakaraka Mars, which is also the fifth lord, influencing the tenth house from lagna and Karkamsha showing very good promise.

3. Matrikaraka, which is the Karaka of throne, Sun is also fairly strong and is influenced by planets making Jaimini Raj Yogas from Karkamasha lagna and Swamsha lagan. Sun is strong in both birth chart and navamsha under the influence of Jaimini Karakas making Raj Yogas.

4. The fourth house, representing throne or parliamentary seat in democracy, is strong in birth chart, navamsha and dashamsha charts. The lord of fourth house is also very well placed in all three vargas.

5. The fifth house, representing the minister ship, is the problem area of this chart. In the birth chart eight lord Moon is afflicting it and damaging his chances to shot at the post of Prime Minister ship of Pakistan.

6. At present it is Rahu/Moon ( From August 2011 to February 2013) running in Vimshottari which is unfavourable for him as Moon is the lord of eighth house in both birth chart and dashamsah. But if the general elections in Pakistan will held after February 2012, which is most likely, than he will have very good chance to get good success for himself and his party and will even become a Cabinet Minister in the government after elections. Mars is the lord of fifth house and very strongly placed in all three vargas.

7. I have also analysis his chart with Jaimini’s Chara dasha scheme and used “Ashtaka Varga” system for study of the effects of transit on his chart. In Chara Dasha it will be Aries/Leo (from October 2012 to June 2013) with Amatayakaraka Jupiter aspecting the both rashis. But since both Aries and Leo are eighth and twelfth house respectively  from Karkamsha lagan so it will not gave him that much success which is expected from him and he not having strength in his chart to become the “Prime Minister” of his country have to content himself with the post of some Cabinet Minister  or opposition leader  after elections in 2013.

Sachin Malhotra

October 15, 2011

Acknowledgement - Bio-graphic material was collected from Wikipedia and some other web sites.


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