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Most of the students and even scholars of astrology generally do not take interest in the mundane astrology. This is one of the major reasons for the lack of good books in the market and also there is not much material on this subject to study online. Since this website is made and maintained by the young and technical savvy students of astrology there for there will be no dearth of quality write-ups and study material on this subject.

In this section we will explain in details about the significances of houses and planets in mundane, importance of various mundane charts like foundation chart, Hindu new year chart, solar ingress chart, Lunar charts etc. Also we will explain the method to cast some of the important Chakras like Koorma Chakra, Sapta Nadi Chakra, Sanghatta Nakshatra Chakra, Sanghatta Rashi Chakra etc.

Significations of Planets

- B.Kumar -

SUN:  Ruler, King, PM, President, Dictator, all ruling class, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, Government, Senior Officers of the Government, Leaders, Judges, Magistrates, will power, places of worship, religious heads. Disease like heart trouble etc.

Moon: Women, fishing industry, navigation, nursing profession, oceans, beaches, sea ports, hotels, beverages, crops, public opinion, diseases like asthma, digestion, insanity etc.

Mercury: Literature, communication and transport, trade and commerce, business, written agreement between states/countries, telegraph office, media, publishing industry, lectures, story writers, youth, speculation, stock market etc.

Venus:  Prosperity of the people, marriage rate, treaties with neighbouring countries, peace, poetry, music, theatres, amusement, fashion, women, glamour, handicrafts, modeling, clothes, adultery, sexual relations-both legitimate and extra-marital, impotency, young women, ornaments, kidney disease etc.

Mars:  War, strife, violence, industrial progress, accidents, murders, attacks, assassination, un-natural deaths, criminal activities, fire, wrestling, boxing, adventurer, invader, battlefield, armed forces, military leaders/top bosses, weapons, ammunition, martial law, defence, mass murders, mass tragedies, mass destruction, stabbing, cuts, fever, police, carnage, emergency, rebellion, sports, rape, casualities, bombs, abortion, surgeons, engineers, epidemic diseases, land & buildings in the nation etc.

Jupiter: Religion, philosophy, finances of national revenue department, foreign trade, judiciary, legislation, birth rate, bankers, brokers, interest rates, loans, ambassadors, peace & prosperity, integrity, virtues, prayers, philanthropists, educational institutes, school/college/universities, religious books, ethics, legal affairs, financers, diplomats, embassies, politics, cultural and moral traditions, editors, diseases like diabetes etc.

Saturn:  Masses, poverty, democracy, labour class, working class, war, epidemics, public health, mass mania, mass phobia, mass fear, recession, mineral wealth, farmers, steel industry, law and order, underground tunnel, misery of masses, uncontrollable expenditure by government, loss of national prestige, scarcities of items/resources, death/over through of a ruler in power, danger to the prestige of the nation, national calamities like famine, flood, earthquake, hardship, heavy taxes, loss of material and vehicles, elderly people, revenge, skin, leather, diplomats, disintegration, dismissal, deceivers, hangman, horrors, asceticism, bankruptcy, zoo, martyrs, prisons, corpses, chronic ailments, places of horror, paralysis, slum areas, humiliation, tomb, grave etc.


Rahu: War, invasion, violence, murder, adventures, rebellion, revolt, riots, spying, imprisonment, Anti-social practices, sudden accidents, poisoning, Aerial navigation, divorce, corruption, gambling, foreigners, exile, graveyards, darkness, epidemics, plague, cancer, renunciation etc.

Ketu: War, death in battlefield, assassination, wounds, murder, traitor, prosecution, imprisonment, deception, poisoning, fire, hatred, cheating, sinful, self immolation, dacoity, obstructions, foreign languages, ascetics, philosophers, spirituality, cancer, leprosy, hysteria, illness etc.

Significations of Houses

- B.Kumar -

First House :  Nation as a whole, a political body, General conditions of a country, People of the nation, their attitude, national disasters, general character of the people of the nation, State of Home Affairs, national objectives, new ventures, public health, condition of the cabinet etc.

2nd House: Financial condition of the nation, revenue position, budget, material prosperity, general gain/loss, banks, Taxation, interest rates, investments, prices, jewellery, securities, shares, bonds etc.

3rd House: Traffic in general—by land, sea and air, traveling facilities, automobiles, transportation, short journeys, railways, communications, telephone, postal, news, books, publishing industry, neighbouring countries, immigration, public opinion, written agreements, accidents, rumours, treaties with other nations etc.

4th House :  Homeland, opposition parties, land, agriculture, mines, minerals, public buildings, real estate, hotels, weather conditions, earthquakes, landslides, school, colleges and other educational institutions etc.

5th House: Speculations, stock market, stock exchange, birth rate, scandals, lottery, political funds, emotions of the people of the country, entertainment industry, ambassadors etc.

6th House: Civil services, Armed forces, military, war, state loans and debts, national employment, medical facilities, diseases in a nation, Health condition of the people of the nation, strikes by union, jail, prisons etc.

7th House : War,  Enemy, shareholders, international affairs, foreign policy and foreign affairs, relation with other countries, agreement, alliances, foreign trade, marriage and divorce rates in the nation etc.

8th House :  Death of national rulers, presidents, kings, PM etc., death rate, executions, legacies, loss of the nation, hidden things, mines, new discoveries etc.

9th House :  Supreme Court, law, judges, international law, lawyers, judiciary, teachers, preachers, treaties with foreign nations, foreign trades, tourism, immigration, religious affairs etc.

10th House: The King, society, ruler of a state, PM, President, Head of the state, Government, Ruling party, Governor, Mayor etc., famous persons, Parliament, nation’s status and honor in the world, national prestige, politics, political power, bosses, national aims and goals etc.

11th House :  House of commons in western astrology, legislatures, alliances with foreign countries, national treasury, national gains, gains in trade, social activities, projects, co-operative societies etc.

12th House:  War, losses, homeless people, wounded persons, military hospitals, arson, sedition, secret enemies, kidnappers, enemies, secret treaties, labour unions, crime, criminals, crime profile of the  nation, forgery, secret service, spying, jail, prisons, hospitals, charitable institutions, monasteries, bondage, handicaps, suicide, unexpected troubles, misfortunes, exile, extradition, repayment of loan, poverty, scandal, bereavement, health of the nation, smuggling, under world, meditation, magic, malice, envy, wastage, expenses, investment, prostitution etc.

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